Updating Your Outdoor Business Signs

Dec 21, 2021 | Exterior Signs, Sign Service

a christmas carol sign

There are many famous quotes from the Christmas movie A Christmas Carol. However, here’s one that caught our attention. When Bob Cratchit asks Scrooge if he would like Mr. Marley’s name removed from the outdoor sign to the business, Scrooge answers him with this line:

“No, time will erase it at no cost to us.”

Scrooge was not liked by many, but this sign was also not getting him any business or new customers (and his attitude didn’t help at all)! The outdoor signs are the first in-person interaction your business will have with the public, so make sure that it’s doing a good job by looking out for these reasons to update your signage.

exterior sign removal

Check Out Your Sign for Signs of Damage & Age

Checking your outdoor sign and the area around it should be done regularly. The issues to look for might be things you never thought of but can impact the visibility of your sign in the future. If the sign is old, it probably has many issues to be addressed. However, there are many other things that can be a reason to update:

  • The weather of all seasons can really damage a sign (like fading). Wind damage can really impact how a sign is displayed.
  • Illumination problems
  • Updated branding (logos, fonts, and colors)
  • Have you made changes to the business’s services or products?
  • Maybe it’s time to invest in a larger sign that improves visibility
  • Surrounding landscape (small trees become BIG trees in no time)

Your Business Sign is the First Impression – Make it Count!

Even when you are not working – Your outdoor signs are! Every day it advertises and provides the first impression to your audience. Keeping up with maintenance and going over the issues stated earlier is the key to keeping that first impression positive. Don’t be like Scrooge and let time fade your sign, and in turn your business, into oblivion! A new and updated sign is an investment but is worth every penny. Contact Connecting Signs today if you’re looking to update or add to your outdoor business signs!


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