Vehicle graphics – Can I remove a car wrap?

Feb 8, 2015 | Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

We get asked this question frequently, usually during our initial consultation with our customers and walking around the car, truck, or van while setting proper expectations about vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics. Several factors influence how difficult or easy the wrap comes off – Here’s some key ones:

  • Type of vinyl and laminate – Premium quality wrap vinyl is designed to be removed with little or no residue. An intermediate quality vinyl will make the job more tedious and difficult. You also want the laminate to stay attached to the vinyl during removal, if they separate due to mismatching during installation and other reasons, the vehicle wrap removal becomes a nightmare.
  • Age of vinyl – This also depends greatly on the type and quality if the vinyl, but as the vehicle wrap ages it becomes more difficult to remove. The removal properties of the vinyl breaks down, leaving more residue and the wrap “breaking” apart during removal, making the job more challenging. Very much like trying to remove that old sun-baked bumper sticker before selling your car…
  • Use of primer during installation – Primer should be used very sparingly during installation, it leaves a messy residue after removal, and possible failure between vinyl and laminate.
  • Before paying someone to remove the wrap vinyl, you might want to give it a try yourself and save a few bucks. Make sure to test your technique in an inconspicuous area, just to be sure everything’s going smoothly. Here’s basic steps to try:
  • Might need some heat – Vinyl film with low-tack (changeable adhesive) can generally be removed without heat at 70°F within a specified period of time. For films that require heat for removal, heat the surface adequately with a heat gun, reheating as necessary.
  • Pull evenly –  Remove the film at a low angle (45 degrees or less) to prevent adhesive splitting.
  • Residue cleanup – Any residual adhesive and primer can be cleaned off with a citrus-based cleaner.

There you go… Either your car, truck or van is now ready for fresh, new branding to grow your business -OR- you realize the value of a professional sign company like Connecting Signs that specializes in both vehicle wrap installations and removals! We can help your business’s vehicles transition from the tired, old wrap design, to something brand new.

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