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You’ve got vehicle wrap questions

Vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps are showing up all over Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Denver, and Cheyenne. Their popularity is taking off because of a couple of reasons:

a) Vehicle wraps look great! And b) they absolutely work! In the process of consulting, designing, printing, and installing car, truck, and van wraps, we get asked quite a few questions – here’s some vehicle wrap FAQ:

How long will the wrap last?

With the proper prep and premium wrap vinyl and laminate, you can expect your vehicle wrap to last 3-5 years and longer. To get the maximum life out of your wrapped vehicle, care for it as you would a new, top-quality paint job. Keep it clean by washing it with normal detergent, but be careful of power-washing near the seams and door frames. Ideally, a wrapped vehicle should be stored inside an enclosed space to protect the wrap from the elements. However, that defeats the purpose of the wrap and keeps people from seeing your advertisement! So, just be mindful of keeping your wrapped vehicle as protected from the elements as possible when it’s parked.

Aren’t car wraps just shrink-wrapped?

Yep, it’s just loosely placed on the car and sent into the oven, and voila! Just kidding! Wrap vinyl is a very specialized product made for the purpose of wrapping vinyl on flat, convex, and concave surfaces of a vehicle. The ideal surface for premium adhesive vinyl is a high-energy surface, which basically means that the surface is smooth and minimally textured. The installation process should be left to an experienced and professional installer. Do not underestimate the installation process because there are some very specialized tools and techniques necessary for installing a vehicle wrap correctly.

van wrapHow much does a car wrap cost?

Ballpark estimate for a full wrap would be $2000-$3000 for a sedan, $2500-3500 for SUV or van. Partial wraps can be a great alternative for those on a tight budget. For an advertising vehicle wrap, a big chunk of the cost will be accumulated in the design process. Here at Connecting Signs, we have a team of awesome graphic designers who can help you create the perfect car wrap for your brand but it’s important to understand that we need to be compensated for the time spent on the wrap design.

If you’re looking for a color-change wrap, the costs are about the same as stated above however additional costs can come into play because the installation process is a bit more extensive.

Will it damage, or protect the paint?

Properly installed wrap vinyl applied over OEM paint will not damage the paint, in fact, it can protect the paint somewhat from fading. The wrap vinyl and laminate do not provide the same protection as a clear bra material but may provide a little protection from light chips and scratches.

Can I wrap my car by myself?

Not recommended, unless you just want to find out how hard it is! Installers go through extensive training and are capable of handling the most intricate surface situations. The process is very precise and time-consuming.

Can I remove the wrap vinyl myself?

Yes, but how hard or easy it comes off depends on lots of variables. One thing that you might not think about it how to safely and effectively remove the adhesive that is left from removed vinyl. It’s very sticky and requires the use of strong chemicals to properly be removed. If your wrap is not very old, you can probably remove it yourself. If your wrap is more than 5 years old and it cracking and chipping away – you will definitely want to give us a call! Removing an old wrap can be an absolute nightmare.

Can I change a phone number on a vehicle wrap?

Not a problem. We’ll help you with an overlay that matches the surrounding area. If the background is complex, like a photograph, you’ll need to probably go to the sign company that originally designed the wrap in order to get a good match.

Full Van Wrap - Connecting Signs Full van wrap

Is a vehicle wrap the same as painting a car?

No, not even close. Painting is a more permanent solution, and the creativity of the paint design will most likely be limited by your budget. With a vehicle wrap, the cost is going to be determined by the area to be covered, not the design printed on the vinyl.

Can I wrap my car if there’s body damage?

Yes, but check with your sign company to explain specific situations with your particular vehicle. Rusted areas should only be wrapped over for very short-term applications. Non-OEM painted areas should be allowed to completely cure before applying vinyl. Baked-on paint finishes allow the quickest turnaround in being able to wrap newly painted areas.

How do I take care of my truck wrap?

A couple of key items would be to keep your new wrap clean and stay away from any aggressive scrubbing or power washing. Keeping your wrapped vehicle garaged will obviously help delay sun fading, especially in places like here in Colorado.

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