Vehicle Wraps Fort Collins

Feb 2, 2015 | Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

Fort Collins vehicle wraps involve more than just a colorful labeling of a vehicle. It’s a calculated marketing strategy that reaches your consumers right where their eyes are, in front of the steering wheel.


Vehicle wraps are designed to get attention. With today’s advances in software tools, templates, and large format printing, the design possibilities really are endless. The wrap designer gets the message across using contrasting colors, images, space, and typography.

Vehicles with large side walls provide a large image surface for easy viewing and display. Fort Collins city buses, vans and trucks tend to do well in this regard. A professional design and application approach makes sure the design and layout of the vehicle wrap meets the client’s desires in the end. Additionally, it includes the necessary contact information in a clear, visible style as well.


Large format digital printing and vinyl technology make it easier for graphic designers and wrap installers to create eye-popping vehicle wraps. Creative, expertly-installed car wraps, truck wraps, and van wraps look like they have been hand painted on the vehicle (only better!). They also provide visual tricks that simply can’t be achieved using manual painting.


For vehicle wraps, the actual installation process is not as simple as laying on a magnet or a sticker. Instead, a lot of time and effort goes into the production, taking anywhere from 2 to 3 days for design work and review, a day for printing, and another full day for the installation onto the vehicle.

With vehicle and truck decals and removable signage such as magnet signs, the process is quite a bit easier, with most of the work going into the image design.


Using premium vinyl and expert installation, a vehicle wrap can be expected to last between 5-7 years – a great return on investment.

Vehicle wraps are a superb form of mobile advertising and provide an effective way to market your business or product easily, including every time you drive the vehicle to work or park along a busy street.




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