Wayfinding ADA Compliant Interior Signs

Mar 12, 2018 | ADA, Interior Signs, Interior Signs, Routed Signs, Safety Signs, Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding ADA Compliant Interior Signs

Navigating an unfamiliar building can be tricky sometimes. Even with room signs and way-finding directional signs, it can take a while to get to the right room! For individuals with vision impairments it’s even harder, even impossible. Next time you’re in a big office building, take a look at the room signs or bathroom signs. You will notice that each one has raised letters as well as clear braille underneath the letters. These are requirements for all interior signs in a new building. Room signs, restroom signs, utility room signs, electrical room signs, locker rooms, and many other kinds of rooms that have a purpose need to have an identifying sign installed outside the door. The main reason that all of these rooms need to be identifiable is simply for the public, but they also are there for safety too. ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act which was revised in 2010 with new standards on interior room signs. As of 2012, all public spaces and businesses need to be updated to the new standards.

ADARoomSigns Wood ADA Signs

How ADA Signs are Made

ADA signs are purely functional, so they are made as simple and cost-effective as possible. Acrylic panels come in a variety of colors and finishes. These serve as the backing to the sign elements. The next layer is the tactile letters which have to be at least 1/32” in thickness. A CNC router/engraver is the best tool to rout out the text. The text must all be in capital letters and a sans serif font is required. The backer panel and the tactile letters need to contrast in color enough so that you can easily see the letters. The next necessary element is the braille which is how visually impaired individuals read. These are tiny clear spheres that are pushed into the acrylic backer panel about halfway so that you can feel the raised dots as you run your fingers over them. The router/engraver also gets this task done.

IndoorWoodSign Installed Indoor Room Sign

As mentioned, these signs are functional, but they can add a lot of interest to a plain interior space. Adding accents like a brushed aluminum bar, for example, is a fantastic idea! There are endless possibilities. Partnering with the right company to accomplish a project like this is an important decision. Connecting Signs has all the tools and expertise needed to help you find your optimal interior sign solution. Give us a call at 970-493-0133 or request a quote here to get started on your ADA signs!


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