What to Know About Sign Removal

Feb 3, 2021 | Building SIgns, sign removal

What to Know About Sign Removal

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At some point, you may need to have a large building or exterior sign removed for a few reasons – No longer in business, replacing with a new sign, or building repairs. Signage that is connected to the electrical components of a building are complex to remove and you might want to consider partnering with an experienced sign professional to get the job done.

Important Things to Know When Removing a Sign

Here is the number one reason to call Connecting Signs when you need to have a sign removed: Safety. For example, if high-voltage transformers were used with older signs, there are specific safety measures to follow. There are other reasons to call a sign expert for help in the removal so we know what to expect and what equipment needs to be used – Size of the sign, location of the sign on the building, type of sign (knowledge of how signs are made will assist with removal), how old is the sign and how it was installed to the building, will the sign be disposed of or will it be kept in storage, and the need to schedule a site survey and consultation.

Tools and equipment

Once we get the information mentioned above, it is important to know what kind of tools and equipment are needed for sign removal. Depending on the location of the sign, a bucket truck will be used or if the sign is smaller and the location is not too high, compliant stepladders or extension ladders are used. Hard hats and reflective jackets or vests, steel-toed shoes/boots, and harnesses are also used when removing signs.

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Safety Training and Certificates

Our team of sign installers and removals have completed required OSHA-approved training and Aerial & Scissor Lift Operator training. The training is renewed every year to keep knowledge current, reminders of important rules, and safety always the number one priority.

Sign Replacement

We would love to help you with your new sign! Call us at 970-493-0133 for more information about getting something Up-to-date and exciting – we will help with every step of the way – consulting, design, material, production, and of course, installation!

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