Why Does a Vehicle Wrap Cost So Much?

Aug 27, 2021 | Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

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If you’ve looked into what a vehicle wrap costs, you might be surprised by the amount. It’s totally understandable to be concerned by the price of a seemingly simple printed advertisement, but we’re about to break down all the elements of a printed vehicle wrap to show you why the cost is higher than what you expect it to be.

Creating a Vehicle Wrap Design is a Complicated Process

There are two purposes for vehicle wraps – a printed advertisement for a business or organization, and a color change wrap which is purely for aesthetic purposes. For advertising car wraps, you will firstly need to come up with the design. Physically sketching an eye-catching vehicle wrap design might look good on paper, but translating your idea to a digital canvas and then printing it can be a humbling experience. The first necessity is a reliable design program to create high-resolution or vector-based artwork that can be printed large-scale without pixelation. Secondly, an accurate digital design template to create the proof for the installer is a must. Finally, it’s a good idea to see the actual vehicle to be wrapped before you start the design process. Seeing the vehicle in person will help you understand the severity of the curves and contours of the body as well as where the handles and other non-friendly surfaces for wrap end up.

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You Get What You Pay For

Hiring a trustworthy and experienced professional to handle the task of designing your vehicle wrap is, truly, a great investment. It will be expensive, but it’s worth it! Even better is to hire the company that’s printing and installing your vehicle wrap to handle the task of designing it. When you go this route instead of doing everything yourself in the effort to save money, you’ll save more than just the money you will spend on re-prints. You’ll save yourself time spent on trying to manage the design and the headache of making a mistake or running into an unforeseen issue.

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Installing a Car Wrap is not a fun DIY Project

A big chunk of the cost of a vehicle wrap is based on the labor-intensive process of installing because it requires a skilled and experienced installation expert. Specialized tools like a blow torch, heat gun, knives, and squeegees are also a necessity for a successful vehicle wrap installation. Sure, there are lots of tutorials online about the topic of wrap installation, but you’ve got to do it yourself to understand that it is not an easy task. Color change wraps like matte black, iridescent, and carbon-fiber wraps look really impressive, but if you look closely at them you’ll be able to see if the owner installed the wrap themselves or hired a professional. Don’t go the DIY route with a wrap install, call the professionals!

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Again, You Get What You Pay For

Every vehicle wrap project that comes through our shop always presents unique situations and challenges. This makes it hard to estimate a vehicle wrap job, but when you make the choice to go with a professional or through a local sign company, you’ll know that the install is handled correctly. Yes, the price tag is substantial, but you do really get what you pay for. Do not be lured into a regretful situation by a cheaper installation rate. If you’re confused as to why your vehicle wrap estimate is higher than you expected, just ask why! Ensuring longevity and a great-looking product is something that we, Connecting Signs, prides ourselves on because we’ve dealt with the people who’ve had to pay twice for a vehicle wrap. Want to work with us? Get a quote here.

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