Why Site Surveys are Important

Aug 15, 2022 | Exterior Signs, Sign Service

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As a custom sign business, each sign we do is different. Coming to us to schedule a meeting, getting pictures, artwork and much more information will help us give an accurate quote of the project and the amount of time it will take. Some jobs require us to come to you. A site survey could be used for a lot of sign projects but usually are needed for outdoor signage – new construction, sign replacement or update, and city requirements.

Why a Site Survey is Necessary

  • Gives a clear understanding of the business
  • Provides insight on the location and surrounding area
  • Good measurements for the sign location (we want you to be seen)
  • Accurate documentation or notes and easy to read
  • Understanding how sign will be mounted
  • If digging is necessary, we can start planning for that
  • Get a head start on material needed
  • City requirements (size, colors, etc.) can be addressed early
  • Start permits if required
  • Any concerns with a landlord can be talked about
  • We can gather information early for sign designer (photos, etc.)
  • Know if we will need extra equipment for installing or delivering sign (bucket truck or rental equipment)
  • Accurate quote

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Additional Survey Checklist

  • Won’t forget or leave out important information
  • Documented to refer to later
  • No detail left out
  • Helps also on what to take to site survey

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What can Happen Without a Site Survey

  • Going to the site before starting anything (no surprises)
  • Wrong size, wrong business brand (colors, etc.)
  • Materials needed could be delayed
  • Area not easily accessible (electrical sources)
  • The surface for the sign may not be right
  • Skipping a required permit
  • Delay in project
  • Expensive

The last 2 items listed are probably the most important that we try to not let happen with any project. Call us if you are not sure whether you need a site survey, it will be worth your time to talk to one of our team members. You can also send us a message here to fill us in on the details. We want to help you with your custom sign projects by getting it done right from the beginning to the final delivery and installation!

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