WINDOW COVERING WITH STYLE at A-Train Marketing Communications

Feb 16, 2015 | Etched Frosted Window Vinyl, Etched Graphics, Etched Vinyl

Imagine you have a window next to the door of your office that is entirely glass, and it is the same size of the door.  Every time someone walks by they see inside the office.  Now, that’s not a terrible thing; but sometimes you just want a little more privacy.  What can you do?  Well, you could hang blinds, or shades, or some kind of curtain.  But then you start thinking you should have your business name and maybe your logo on the window.  But how do you add that to your typical window coverings?

This is the situation that came up at a company in Fort Collins, Colorado that we have had the pleasure to do a lot of business with.  A-Train Marketing Communications is a company that really knows and understands what branding is – taking your brand where it should go with creative, strategic solutions.

Ok, back to the glass window..together as a team; A-Train and our company came up with a solution.  Etched/Frosted window vinyl.  This window vinyl has become very popular in the business offices of today!  It was exactly what this glass window needed:  provided privacy, ability to add company name and logo, and allows natural lighting to still come in the office. That’s not all; it’s affordable (less expensive then real etched glass and some window treatments), easy to remove, easy to add any type of graphic and lettering, keeps UV rays out (energy bills reduced), looks attractive, and it is easy to produce and apply:

  • Get measurements of the glass surface
  • Look at your design information or we can custom design something for you (remember anything can be done!)
  • Proof approvals
  • Send the artwork to our plotter to cut out your design/information
  • Apply the vinyl similar to any other window vinyl
That’s it!  Just like any indoor sign or outdoor sign, you want to be noticed! This etched/frosted window vinyl does the trick.  Get ready for the compliments!
This awesome look can be done on any type of glass surface:  windows on doors, windows, glass table tops, mirrors.  Give us a call if you’ve been wanting or needing something different – think about etching your windows or any glass surface in your office or home.


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