Banner Stands

The benefits and uses of a banner for your business or personal needs are endless!  A brief list of advantages is: inexpensive, easy to make, versatile, any size, indoors, outdoors, reuse, temporary needs and much more.  They can be used for just about any type of business:  retail, churches, schools, colleges, events, construction sites, and so much more.

The traditional banner uses scrim vinyl material which works very well for outdoor use and are usually hung on sides of buildings, on fences, on stakes in the ground or even on street or light poles.  Our Latex printer produces vivid, bright colors that will get you noticed and remembered!  Here is a scrim banner that is displayed on a spring stand for indoors and outdoors.  They are easy to assemble and take down.  The have travel cases and bags making storage and transporting easy and convenient. These stands are also less expensive than other stands offered.

Banners are often made with smooth, anti-curl, blockout film that prints beautiful color graphics because of a bright white printing surface.  Fabric is also used for banners and prints vivid, bright colors and graphics.  Retractable banner stands are used for this type of banner.  This very popular stand is used indoors for many different needs including trade shows.  The banner neatly rolls down into the casing of a base, protecting the graphic when traveling or when storing.  This case and the banner fit in nice carry bags.  There is a plethora of stands available -premium and mid-range stands come with lifetime to 5 year warranties and the economy range provide basic design features and are used for limited multipurpose use.  A nice benefit of a retractable stand is the banner is easily removed and replace with a new one.  They also come in a table top version.

Telescopic banner stands adjust to different heights.  Graphics easily attach to hardware, have three material options – vinyl, fabric, and polyester, and store in a canvas carry bag.  An excellent choice for a telescopic banner stand, the Trio telescopic banner stand supports a single and double sided graphic. It is made of anodized aluminum.  It is very stable and is quick and easy to set-up.

Vector frames are another nice stand for a fabric banner.  The banner is made like a “pillow” and the fabric stretches and is slid on to the frame creating a clean, easy to read message.  The frame assembles quickly and is available in different sizes and heights. Single or double sided options.