Elements of an Effective Business Storefront

An effective storefront is one that utilizes many kinds of signage. These business signs (indoor signs and outdoor signs) engage customers and attracts new customers. It is so important to appeal to your customers and meet their needs. You will also want to stand out among your competition. There are many things that you must consider when mapping out your signage structure. Here’s an example of effective storefront signs for your business.

Pre-Opening Signs

Mesh fence banner colorado and storefront signs

If your business is being built from the ground up, you will want to inform the public of what is happening as well as information about when you’re opening. You can also take this opportunity to inform your potential customers about the services you offer. Vinyl banners or mesh fence banners are useful in this instance because they are made to be temporary and cost-effective.

Outdoor Building Signs

Dimensional letters fort collins colorado and storefront signs

Next up, you will want to get permanent building signs mapped out and planned. This includes the design and attaining the required permits from the town or city offices. Monument signs provide great visibility from the road. If you’re located in a business park, your property management company should already have a monument sign by a nearby road that has multiple tenant panels. For your building sign, it’s a good idea to consider investing in dimensional letters. Backlit dimensional letters or an internally lit channel box are great options.

Window Graphics & Indoor Signs



The following signs are also very important to your business. Window graphics, in the form of cut vinyl, applied to the front door are great opportunities to inform your customers of your business hours as well as a helpful identifier of your location. This is especially true if you share a space with other businesses. Indoor signs, like lobby signs or wall graphics are also effective tools to enforce your brand. Menu boards are also a form of indoor signage that we can design and manufacture. If you’ve ever been out to eat, you know how important a well-designed menu is!

Vehicle Wraps & Vehicle Graphics

Partial Truck Wrap

Finally, if you want to reach out to your customer base even further, you should seriously consider getting graphics on your company vehicle. Vehicle graphics, box truck graphics and trailer graphics are always very customized; no two projects are the same! With digitally printed graphics you can have your full color logo printed or you can choose from a variety of colors and finishes in ready-to-cut cut vinyl. Vehicle graphics stand out as one of the best methods for advertising. A full wrap may be pricey, but the return on that investment is one that you cannot pass up!

Radio Station Custom Vehicle Wrap

Recently, a local radio station in Northern Colorado came to us to help them re-design their 2015 Nissan Pathfinder to reflect their new branded logo. We were lucky enough to work with them on their first wrap. They changed their logo quite a bit to reflect their new sound. We wanted to help them keep to their budget as well, so this new wrap needed to be a custom partial vehicle wrap.


Tri 102.5 full vehicle wrap

The color scheme to be used in the wrap was changed to a simple blue, and red based design. We decided to design this with the logo in mind. It’s highlighted by the angled lines with the blue and red sampled from the darkest blues and darkest reds. The website address and corporate logos also needed to be clearly shown on the wrap. We also installed perforated window vinyl on the side and rear windows for additional coverage. But, the best part about perforated vinyl is that you can see out of it from inside the vehicle.

Previous logo design and full vehicle wrap

Previous logo design and wrap

Even custom partial vehicle wraps can be versatile and can increase your visibility to your audience. You can also think of vehicle wraps as a moving billboard! If you are on the road, driving your company van or truck around, you can take all those views you’re getting on the highway or parked as a way to engage potential customers. Small businesses can benefit greatly from vehicle wraps, especially if your business is new in town. The cost saved by shifting your marketing budget to include a vehicle wrap or vehicle graphics (like side door decals, or rear window graphics) is great after you look at the cost of an actual billboard.

Are you interested in a vehicle wrap? Do you want to see the difference between a quarter, half or full vehicle wrap? Give us a call today or click here to request a quote!

Full Truck Wrap

Haymaker Full Truck Wrap

Haymaker Full Truck Wrap Install

When Matt Bremyer contacted us about wrapping his F350, his email stated that he already had the design and the vinyl printed so he only needed installation.  He wanted vinyl on the hood, retrax bed cover, tail gate, roof, grill, bumpers and full sides.  We call this a full truck wrap or as Matt put it, “literally the whole vehicle is covered.”  As we got to know Matt a little better, we found out that when he said “the whole vehicle is covered” he meant it; including the underneath!  Wheels – dish/lip and spokes, front and rear radius arms (suspension control arms), front and rear drive shafts, and headlight surrounds.

Matt understands what a rolling billboard is and what it can do for a business – especially a new business!  He wanted his truck wrap to be a lot like his business – high quality, worth what you pay, and no skimping to save a buck.  Haymaker is a product of Peak Audio LLC which is a company located in Laramie, WY started by Matt.  He is a headphone expert.  He understands what his customers’ want – the best listening experience, premium materials, comfort, durability and function.  Visit his website to learn more about this interesting product.  http://www.the-haymaker.com/

Matt had already put a lot of work into the truck, so he needed the design to match the “wow” effect of the truck.  His edgy design certainly goes with the style of the truck.   This truck will definitely get noticed and draw attention.  There is no doubt what the product is and how to contact the company.  Our job was to make sure that the installation went exactly like Matt wanted.  We really had our work cut out for us because of all the “extras” he wanted wrap.  With all the work and thought put into this marketing tool for his business, we didn’t want to let him down.  Matt spent a lot of time with us as the installation progressed.  We got to know a lot about him and want his business to be successful, which gave us incentive to really get this wrap perfect!  More importantly, since we did not design or print the vinyl, we had to work with what we had.  No mistakes, because we couldn’t re-print anything at our shop.  Here’s what Matt had to say:

” I looked at all of the comparable companies in the region and decided to go with Connecting Signs and I’m very Glad I did!! They do excellent work, very professional and high quality. Definitely a pleasure to work with them and look forward to doing more business with them! Highly Recommend!! They’ll take good care of you!”  Matt – December 2015

We think the wrap did turn out perfect; take a look at the pictures of this awesome, large project!  Give us a call for all your vehicle graphic wraps.  No matter where you are in the process of getting your vehicle wrapped, we can make sure your vision happens!  We can do all 3 steps – design, print and install – or just one or two.  Connecting Signs is ready to partner with you to get noticed!