Channel Letters Fort Collins – Check us out!

Feb 12, 2015 | Building SIgns, Channel Letters, Corporate Signs

Channel  Letters are a great method to advertise your business both inside and out. According to many sources, channel letters are the number one choice of brand identification on building storefronts. They give your customers a positive impression of your business, one that tells everyone you’re serious about your brand, company, and business!

Visible both day and night, channel letters attract attention 24/7 every single day. A highly visible set can make a difference in having a potential customer come and check your business out, versus just passing on by to a competitor.

Channel letters have evolved over time. In the past everything was illuminated with neon lighting, but today most channel letters use LED lighting which can offer significantly long term energy savings and less maintenance with high visibility results. There’s also many styles available:

  • Front Lit Channel Letters – Most typical style, Illumination on the front surface only.
  • Back/Reverse Lit Channel Letters – Gives the letters a “glowing outline” look.
  • Front/Back Lit Channel Letters – Illumination in both front and back of each letter.
  • Open Face Channel Letters – Neon-lit with the face open, which exposes the bulbs.
  • Logo Boxes – Basically a contour shaped channel letter.

Connecting Signs offers a complete range of channel letter products, font styles and custom logo boxes. We can also digitally print the faces to achieve any graphic effect. We offer all styles of channel letters, and can guide you through the design process to make the experience as simple as possible.

Our team looks forward to designing, building, and installing a great set of channel letters to advertise your business here in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado!

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