Color Change Vehicle Wraps

Jul 22, 2015 | Color Change Wrap, Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

after wrap color change

Do you love your car more than anything else you own? Do you have a fever and the only prescription is something new and exciting for the love of your life?  Want to make a change to the look?  Change the color with a wrap!  This growing new trend is the latest way to enhance the look of your vehicle.  The only problem you will have is choosing the perfect color and finish for your ride:

  • Bold colors such as Satin Canyon Copper and Sheer Luck Green, you can choose from 73 of the most innovative colors and finishes in the industry.
  • Six distinctive-looking finishes: matte, satin, gloss, carbon fiber, straight fiber and brushed metal
  • Little or no seams

A sample of some of the many colors:

color change wrap vinyl sample book

Below is a hummer limo in which we did a Satin Pearl White color change and a before and after of a red sports car with a color change to matte deep green:

Cost is determined by several factors: how much of the vehicle is being wrapped, the film you select, the complexity of the processing, cutting, and installation.

Painting versus wrapping:

Wrap film is not permanent, making it fast and easy to change your mind or your color. It’s also fast and easy to remove and actually protects the paint job.  In many cases, the film can be a less expensive option.

Below is a Toyota Prius we fully wrapped – the full wrap, the removal, the original paint job:

Or maybe your style is less; other options that are not as expensive and take a shorter time for install.  Add some newness to your hood, roof, trunk lid, bumpers, door panels, and exterior mirror covers.  Add a few racing stripes in just the right location!

Great looking cars look even greater with a stripe or two – grey mustang with dusty rose stripes added and a white corvette with a bold, black stripe down the middle of the hood:

We use high quality, service and warranty 3m wrap film.  The warranty for a vehicle wrap ensures that all elements of a graphic – from the film, ink, adhesive and protective coating will perform well together over an extended period and in the harshest environments and is considered one of the ‘strongest warranties in the industry.  Expected performance life – 7 years for Matte, Satin, and Gloss – 5 years for Carbon Fiber, Straight Fiber, and Brushed Metal.

Stop by our shop and look at our sample of colors or contact us today for any questions regarding all the details involved with color change vehicle wraps 970-493-0133.  If you’re willing to part with your ride for a few hours or a day or two, let us know how we can assist.  Also, visit our website for a free quote www.connectingsigns.com.

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