Golden Colorado Brewery Grain Silo Wrap

Sep 30, 2015 | Custom wraps, Graphic Wraps, Specialty Wraps

Golden Colorado Brewery Grain Silo Wrap

coors brewery grain silo wrap

Here’s a project we just finished that might turn a few heads! Our talented team of designers and installers transformed a plain grain silo at the Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado into a Coors Light Silver Bullet. The brewery is always looking for new and unique ways to market its best-selling brew, and this 38’ tall silo should pretty much do the trick. And unless someone proves us wrong – we just created the world’s largest can of beer!

The Design and Installation Process

Every single vinyl graphics job is unique, from vehicle wraps and having to design and install around and over body contours and complex shapes, to walls and windows graphics and making sure the layout matches the size and environment. But with a vinyl coverage area of nearly 2,000 square foot, and the silo being 70’ from the ground to the top, we knew we’d have to dig down deep in our bag of tricks to get the grain silo wrap completed on time and without error!

Like nearly all of our client’s projects, we utilize our years of project management experience to create a clear path to follow from beginning to end. Essential steps for a successful wrap project are:

  • Consultation
  • Design and Layout
  • Proofs and Approval
  • Printing
  • Installation

Ok, back to the grain silo… After a couple road trips from Fort Collins to Golden to make absolute certain we had accurate measurements, we started the design and layout. We used artwork from MillerCoors for different sizes of cans and determined that the 16oz “Tall Boy” was the perfect match for this scaled up version – in fact, we ended up with only about 5” extra in the overall height of the graphics in keeping with the can’s exact proportion.  Our graphic designer had this to say about the project…”The graphic design work was a challenge because it was hard to envision what the completed graphics would look like as well as organizing the different pieces to ensure an easy installation…”  Our vehicle wraps are done right here in our shop which is nice because if there is a problem or question, the designer is right there to address the issue.  This project was many miles from our designer so everything had to be done right the first time – we think she did a pretty good job!  Here is an example of how she tiled the design for our installers:

There were 24 pieces each 17′ long and 52″ wide.

After three solid days of printing and laminating, we packed everything up and headed to Golden for the install. Installations as complex as this never go exactly as-planned, but everyone was able to brave the heat, wind, rain sprinkles, long days, and white-knuckles on the lift equipment, and complete the installation in only three days!

Along with all the pictures we took to capture the install, we also did a video you have to watch!

Nothing bonds a hard-working team together than successfully completing projects like his. One word – AWESOME! We all had a blast working with awesome folks at the Coors Brewery, and look forward to making that Fort Collins to Golden trip a few more times!  CHEERS!



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