Everything You Need To Know About Retractable Banners

Apr 17, 2023 | Trade Show Displays, Trade Show Series, Trade Show Signs

This blog post is a continuation of our ongoing series about trade show materials, and the different signage that is used in trade shows. To see our other posts that take a deep dive into trade show signage and materials, click here. Today’s post will go over retractable banners, and retractable banner stands.

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What are retractable banners?

The name “retractable banners” is self-explanatory, as they are eye-catching signs that retract into a rolling mechanism. More specifically, retractable banners are tall signs that are printed on a strong, flexible material, such as PVC, that is rolled into a metal casing that serves as the base of the banner. Retractable banners often come with a collapsible bungee pole, like that of a camping tent, which is used to hold the banner open and in place. Retractable banners are a very popular choice of signage for trade shows!

There are many types of retractable banners, but for the sake of the post, we will cover the most common types of retractable banners.

1. Standard Retractable Banners

Standard retractable banners are usually somewhere between 33inches and 57 inches wide, and 78 inches tall. The most common size of retractable banners is 33 inches wide and 78 inches tall. Standard retractable banners display an image representing your company on one side of the banner, and the backside is an opaque white so the display banner is unaffected by light at all angles. Typically, standard retractable banners are the most cost-effective type of banner.

Because standard retractable banners only display a company’s image and branding on one side, these banners are best used in displays that only face one direction, or next to a wall, with the display side facing forward.

Double-sided Retractable Banners

As the name implies, double-sided retractable banners are very similar to standard retractable banners, but they have two retracting mechanisms and displays – one on each side. These are a great option for any vendor who is looking to use their signs at multiple events, since one can’t always guarantee that their booth will be located in a spot where the backside of the banner is hidden. Additionally, double-sided retractable banners create a great opportunity have two different displays in one banner! This feature makes it a great option for vendors who offer multiple products or services that they want to advertise at trade shows.


Why use retractable banners?

Unlike many other types of trade show display signage, retractable banners are extremely convenient and easy to set up: slide out the banner(s), connect the parts of the bungee pole, slide the bungee pole into the base, and connect the top of the sign to the pole. Once set up, retractable banners are very easy to move around. Retractable banners are also very lightweight, which makes them easy to transport to and from display shows. Retractable banners can also be re-used for as long as you like the sign, and want to keep using it. At Connecting Signs, we love retractable banners, but we also want to caution that they are not for every occasion.

Because retractable banners are very lightweight, they are not the ideal option for any outdoor display, especially in our windy state of Colorado. Retractable banners may also not be a great option around food, or mess, as any sticky substances could impact the retracting mechanism.


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