Fleet vehicle graphics for HVAC companies

Aug 8, 2016 | Box Truck Graphics, Fleet Vehicle Graphics, Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

Fort Collins fleet graphics

We’ve worked with lots of great businesses all around Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska. We’d love to work with businesses all over the country, though! One of those great businesses is the locally owned (to Colorado) and operated Heating and Air company, IMS Heating and Air. They are known all around Colorado for their awesome customer service and knowledgeable technicians. We were excited to partner with them for the design and production of their fleet of service vehicle graphics. We have the unique perspective and privilege to have re-designed our own fleet design!

Fort Collins fleet graphics for HVAC companies

The first design of the fleet van graphics for IMS was simple, but bold enough to stand out on the road and at job sites. The concept was, red on the driver’s side representing heating and blue on the passenger’s side representing cooling. Along with the important information, the design was an effective advertising tool considering the amount of traveling they need to do in-order to provide their award-winning service their customers. With dozens of vehicles in their fleet, the graphics also needed to be cost-effective. We were able to design a custom partial wrap for their vans. The graphics fade to white towards the front of the van, so there is no material going over the hood or front fenders. This cut down on, not only material but also installation time.

Fleet graphics

In recent times, though, the van design became a little dated and after IMS over-hauled their marketing strategies and slightly updated their logo, it was time to re-visit the van graphics for an update to accommodate their evolving brand. We took apart their logo and re-designed the placement of the tagline text, “A World of Possibilities in Home Comfort Systems”. The phone number and website were updated with a modern font and enlarged for greater visibility. The concept of the cool and hot colors on the sides did make it to the new design, though! This new look also showcases their achievements in customer service and integrity as a company with the logos of the awards they’ve won over the years. We were also able to keep the material usage to the same as the old vans, which was very important to the owners at IMS.

Fleet graphics for businesses

They were so happy with the new vans, that they asked us to wrap one of their pick-up trucks and compact cars with the new “look”.  It took some revisions to successfully transition the design elements from a van to a truck and car, but we were able to nail down a design. We wrapped the truck and car right after the other.  This project was such a success that we set up a photoshoot at the IMS headquarters in Berthoud, Colorado to showcase the car, truck and van designs!

Fort Collins fleet graphics

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