How to Make Your Signs Work for You

Jul 16, 2020 | Building SIgns

How to Make Your Signs Work

illuminated channel letter sign

In the age of the internet and digital marketing, effective signage might look like it is being pushed out of the picture. Effective signage for a business, however, will always BE IN the picture! Think about it… Social media has become the go-to method that people share photos and updates about their lives. When people take selfies or group pictures, they want something attractive in the background to help others understand where they are and what they are doing. Guess what that “thing in the background” ends up being 90% of the time? A SIGN. Your business’s signage works for you at all times of the day and night, every day of the year. Whether it is in the background of a celebrity’s selfie or it’s something that you pass on your way to and from work every day, signage does get noticed!

How do you make sure that your signs get noticed? There are lots of ways to ensure that your sign is working by following some of these tips:

Think about Illumination

If you want your sign to get noticed at night, then you need an illuminated sign. There are different types of illuminated signs, so make sure that you understand what backlit sign letters look like compared to front-lit sign letters. Sometimes local sign codes in large municipalities do not allow certain types of illumination. You will learn about what you can and cannot do in the permitting process for your outdoor sign.

Go With a Contrasting Color Scheme

Choosing a highly contrasting color scheme for the foreground and background of your sign is a great way to ensure that your sign gets noticed. Here is a blog that goes over some tips and tricks for designing a sign. Functional signs need to be functional and sometimes that means that you must sacrifice some aesthetics. However, if you work with an experienced graphic designer and try to prioritize visibility throughout the design process of putting together a logo and a brand then naturally your signage will be highly visible.

Be Smart with Placement Decisions

This may be an obvious tip, but lots of businesses have ineffective signs due to poor placement decisions. If you’re trying to make your sign visible from a busy highway, have your sign placed in an area that is visible from the road and parking lot. Also, be mindful of the surrounding landscaping. Are there young trees that are planted in the front of the building? Think about how tall they will grow and make sure that they do not impede your sign.

Go big or go home

Sign sizing can be deceivingly difficult to understand. There are lots of guides on lettering height suggestions to ensure that viewers can read your sign from far away, but stretching letters unproportionate can make them very difficult to understand. For example, if your sign design is taller in height than it is wide then you should not place it in an area that is really wide but not tall. Understand that sometimes you will have to compromise the vision in your mind for what is physically available.

Promote through social media

As stated at the beginning of this blog, don’t be shy about taking lots of pictures of your completed signs! Take shots at different angles and with various lighting settings. Post them to your website and social media accounts and increase your brand’s visibility and image. Indoor signs are usually perfect backdrops for a photo, so encourage guests to take lots of selfies!

Making the decision to invest in your signage is a very important one. The cost of neglecting to market your brand with proper signage can be detrimental. If you are looking for a sign company you can trust to get the job done the right way, then give Connecting Signs a call or request a quote here. We are ready to answer your questions and provide you with the best effective signage buying experience possible.

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