Vehicle Wrapping for a Trio of Nissan Rogues

Feb 13, 2015 | Graphic Wraps, Matte vehicle wrap, Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

We partnered with 3 local radio stations, along with Ehrlich Nissan car dealership to create three unique and custom camo car wraps for their “Going Rogue” promotion.

Each individual vehicle wrap design was done with the theme colors of the different radio stations. We protected this unique camo wrap with a matte laminate, which give the vehicle’s a very unique finish!

These cool vehicle wrap designs are sure to get noticed – but these awesome looking car wrap graphics will only be on the Rogues for total of 4-6 weeks – so you better find them fast if you want to see them in person!

Our clients already know that car wraps and vehicle graphics are the most effective for of outdoor advertising available. The benefits include:

– The entire socio-economic spectrum is reached by outdoor advertising, and vehicle graphics are the fastest growing facet of this form. Over 95% of the US population travels in a vehicle every week, either as the driver of a passenger. Today’s commutors spend many hours in their vehicles, and are part of the population that’s more difficult to reach with other forms of advertising.

– Outdoor advertising reaches customers that may not be exposed to other media such as printed media, newspapers, radio, and television.

– The cost of vehicle graphic advertising is very low when compared to other forms of advertising… A single page yellow pages ad cost up to $12,000 for one year, and you are right there next to your competitors on the next page. A vehicle wrap, which averages about $2500 and lasts for 3 years or more will reach far more potential customers.

Just think about it – most of our clients leave their vehicle graphics on for as long as possible, but these three beauties only have a little over a month to do their job… The marketing department at this car dealership definitely know something about how increadibly effective mobile advertising with vehicle graphics truly is!!!

Because we’ve seen so many success stories, we like to say “Get Wrapped, Get Noticed”! Give us a call at 970.493.0133 and we’ll take your companies brand to a whole new level!

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