Outdoor Dimensional Business Signs in Westminster, CO

Aug 17, 2016 | Backlit Cabinet Sign, Cabinet Signs, Channel Letters

Dimensional business signs Westminster CO

To keep your business running, you need customers. Your customers, or rather the community you are supporting, needs you too, right? The information that you put out to your community is the “hello, nice to meet you” or “welcome back!” gesture you extend to your customer base. If you are selling a service or product you need an outdoor presence. Do that with exterior signage! As a sign company we work with so many companies (established and just beginning) that have questions about their outdoor signage. With so many options out there; dimensional letters, back-lit dimensional letters, channel box signs, monument signs, tenant signs and so many more, it’s hard to know what your options are. Like anything, if you have a budget your options are more limited but effective signage is highly achievable for any budget!


Here is a list and description of five different types of outdoor signage:

Channel box signs – These signs are three-dimensional boxes, (usually built out of aluminum) with the front of the box being a translucent panel that graphics are applied to. The graphics can be digitally printed or die-cut translucent vinyl. These types of signs are moderately priced and can easily be wired to be illuminated at night for greater visibility.

Dimensional business signs Westminster CO and channel box signs

Flag Signs – These signs are best for stopping foot traffic. They are positioned perpendicular to the building to cross the flow of traffic. They can be wired to be illuminated, and can be built out of many different materials. The options are truly endless!

Dimensional business sign Westminster CO and hanging business signs

Dimensional or Channel Letters – These signs can be made out of many different kinds of materials and thicknesses; formed acrylic, flat acrylic and cast metal letters are just some examples. There are many color options and trim cap options. There are also different ways to illuminate these letters. Front lit letters are very common although reverse lit letters are another great option! This example shows reverse-lit metal letters and formed acrylic letters:

Dimensional business sign Westminster CO from a business sign company

Dimensional Logos – These signs are available in both front lit and back lit forms. Logo boxes are constructed in the same way as regular dimensional letters.

Dimensional business sign Westminster CO from a local business sign company

Monument Sign – These signs are usually the best option for a hard-to-find business or apartment building. These signs are permanent. Monument signs may be the premium option for signage, but they allow for the most creative freedom!

Dimensional business sign Westminster CO and monument signs


We can help you every step of the way to help you accomplish your signage needs. A local vape shop recently expanded to Westminster, and they needed effective signage for their building. We worked with them to design the sign. Once the design of the dimensional letters and logo box were finalized, we took over and got the permit from the city, manufactured the components, and successfully installed the sign just in time for their grand opening! Do you need an effective outdoor sign for your business? Give us a call or click here to request a quote!

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