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Rain for Rent is a leading provider of temporary liquid handling solutions.  It is family owned and operated since 1934; serving all 50 states, Canada, the UK and Europe. Read more about this company here. Connecting Signs has been working with this business for a little over a year and have done some work locally (northern Colorado) and nationally. We have provided everything from vehicle decals to dimensional signage for the company.

Explore the photos and descriptions of the different storefront signs for this fast, expanding company!  

Greeley, Colorado signs:

fleet truck graphics

Stockton, California storefront signs:

Illuminated building sign

Charlotte, North Carolina storefront signs:

monument sign

  • Monument Sign (flush face)

Connecting Signs is proud to partner with Rain for Rent for all their storefront sign needs here locally and across the country! How do we do make a sign for their out of state locations?  We partner with excellent sign companies and installers that we trust and depend on to get the job done to our expectations which meets our customer’s expectation!  Our contact at the North Carolina location was thrilled at how quick and easy the job went – especially since we are over a thousand miles from the job site!

Any kind of signage; anywhere! Get started by requesting a quote or Call us 970-493-0133 for your all of your signage needs – local, statewide, and nationwide.

Monument Signs - Connecting Signs

Monument Signs: Features, Benefits & Tips for Success

Monument Sign

Your Monument Sign is a Part of Your Brand

Signage is the one of the first ways that a business can “introduce” itself to the public and first impressions are very important! There are endless choices to make when it comes to deciding what the signs should look like and where they’re located. One type of commercial signage that makes a big impact is monument signs. Monument signs are intended to be long-lasting and complimentary of existing architecture. Sometimes an architect will plan out the monument sign design while they’re creating the building plan to keep everything consistent within the aesthetic of the architecture.





Monument Sign with metal letters

Monument Sign with metal letters

Monument Signs Inform, Direct, and Impress


Monument signs generally identify a business, development, or property. These signs are purely functional, but there’s lots of interesting features to add to a monument sign to help it stand out better among competition as well as to provide optimal visibility at night. Illuminated channel letters and dimensional logos ensure that your brand will be seen at night while cars drive by. Another interesting feature available for monument signs is an electric message center to communicate daily specials or show the local weather temperature. Monument signs are usually intended to be permanent structures, so they’re constructed from high-quality materials such as stone, concrete, high-density foam, or metal.





When illuminated at night, they’re like a 24/7/365 sales person who is working around the clock.

There are many distinguishing benefits to utilizing a monument sign for a business. Monument signs are highly visible to commuters and foot traffic. When illuminated at night, they’re like a 24/7/365 sales person who is working around the clock. Monuments signs can also be made to feature more than one business when used for a business park that might have multiple tenants. When a monument sign is constructed with high-quality materials, it communicates to customers that this business is established and here to stay.

One tip for getting a monument sign project started would be to start the process early. A monument sign can take a long time to come to fruition. There’s lots of steps to follow and local ordinance rules to comply to as well. Once you have a monument sign installed, take advantage of it! Take pictures or selfies with the monument sign in the background and share them on social media and encourage customers to do the same. Keep your monument sign clean and well-maintained and you can look forward to years of useful advertising!

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Small Business Monument Sign – Windsor, Colorado

Monument signs are great for extra visibility if your business is hard to see from the road.  You might not realize how many monument signs you see on a daily basis, but they are everywhere! Business parks and shopping centers use monument signs with built in removable panels to provide signage for the various businesses located within the building. Monument signs are perfect for school campuses, churches, small businesses and neighborhoods.


Since these signs are free-standing and permanent, they are manufactured with sturdy and long-lasting materials. Dimensional letters are normally installed on monument signs but sometimes letters are engraved into the face of the sign. LED message centers are usually integrated within monument signs as well. Message centers are a great way to communicate specials or event announcements directly to the public. As great as these signs are, they require specific and detailed planning. Permits, proofs, mockups and zoning are usually necessary in the process.



Here is a recent monument sign we manufactured for a local business in Windsor, Colorado. This sign already had a concrete foundation and a nice face. The previous business had its logo engraved directly to the panels, so to achieve the design we sanded down the sides and repainted the face. Exterior-grade acrylic letters were then installed on the sign. Spotlights on the ground help light the sign for high-visibility at night.

monument signs in Windsor Colorado

Choosing Connecting Signs to help create a monument sign for your organization or business ensures that you will be helped through the whole process. There are many materials, colors, finishes, and designs to choose from. We can also guide you through the legal limitations of outdoor signage to ensure that your sign is acceptable within your city or county. Give us a call or request a quote and one of our sign specialists will contact you to get the process started!

Elements of an Effective Business Storefront

An effective storefront is one that utilizes many kinds of signage. These business signs (indoor signs and outdoor signs) engage customers and attracts new customers. It is so important to appeal to your customers and meet their needs. You will also want to stand out among your competition. There are many things that you must consider when mapping out your signage structure. Here’s an example of effective storefront signs for your business.

Pre-Opening Signs

Mesh fence banner colorado and storefront signs

If your business is being built from the ground up, you will want to inform the public of what is happening as well as information about when you’re opening. You can also take this opportunity to inform your potential customers about the services you offer. Vinyl banners or mesh fence banners are useful in this instance because they are made to be temporary and cost-effective.

Outdoor Building Signs

Dimensional letters fort collins colorado and storefront signs

Next up, you will want to get permanent building signs mapped out and planned. This includes the design and attaining the required permits from the town or city offices. Monument signs provide great visibility from the road. If you’re located in a business park, your property management company should already have a monument sign by a nearby road that has multiple tenant panels. For your building sign, it’s a good idea to consider investing in dimensional letters. Backlit dimensional letters or an internally lit channel box are great options.

Window Graphics & Indoor Signs



The following signs are also very important to your business. Window graphics, in the form of cut vinyl, applied to the front door are great opportunities to inform your customers of your business hours as well as a helpful identifier of your location. This is especially true if you share a space with other businesses. Indoor signs, like lobby signs or wall graphics are also effective tools to enforce your brand. Menu boards are also a form of indoor signage that we can design and manufacture. If you’ve ever been out to eat, you know how important a well-designed menu is!

Vehicle Wraps & Vehicle Graphics

Partial Truck Wrap

Finally, if you want to reach out to your customer base even further, you should seriously consider getting graphics on your company vehicle. Vehicle graphics, box truck graphics and trailer graphics are always very customized; no two projects are the same! With digitally printed graphics you can have your full color logo printed or you can choose from a variety of colors and finishes in ready-to-cut cut vinyl. Vehicle graphics stand out as one of the best methods for advertising. A full wrap may be pricey, but the return on that investment is one that you cannot pass up!

illuminated logo box

Outdoor Dimensional Business Signs in Westminster, CO

Dimensional business signs Westminster CO

To keep your business running, you need customers. Your customers, or rather the community you are supporting, needs you too, right? The information that you put out to your community is the “hello, nice to meet you” or “welcome back!” gesture you extend to your customer base. If you are selling a service or product you need an outdoor presence. Do that with exterior signage! As a sign company we work with so many companies (established and just beginning) that have questions about their outdoor signage. With so many options out there; dimensional letters, back-lit dimensional letters, channel box signs, monument signs, tenant signs and so many more, it’s hard to know what your options are. Like anything, if you have a budget your options are more limited but effective signage is highly achievable for any budget!


Here is a list and description of five different types of outdoor signage:

Channel box signs – These signs are three-dimensional boxes, (usually built out of aluminum) with the front of the box being a translucent panel that graphics are applied to. The graphics can be digitally printed or die-cut translucent vinyl. These types of signs are moderately priced and can easily be wired to be illuminated at night for greater visibility.

Dimensional business signs Westminster CO and channel box signs

Flag Signs – These signs are best for stopping foot traffic. They are positioned perpendicular to the building to cross the flow of traffic. They can be wired to be illuminated, and can be built out of many different materials. The options are truly endless!

Dimensional business sign Westminster CO and hanging business signs

Dimensional or Channel Letters – These signs can be made out of many different kinds of materials and thicknesses; formed acrylic, flat acrylic and cast metal letters are just some examples. There are many color options and trim cap options. There are also different ways to illuminate these letters. Front lit letters are very common although reverse lit letters are another great option! This example shows reverse-lit metal letters and formed acrylic letters:

Dimensional business sign Westminster CO from a business sign company

Dimensional Logos – These signs are available in both front lit and back lit forms. Logo boxes are constructed in the same way as regular dimensional letters.

Dimensional business sign Westminster CO from a local business sign company

Monument Sign – These signs are usually the best option for a hard-to-find business or apartment building. These signs are permanent. Monument signs may be the premium option for signage, but they allow for the most creative freedom!

Dimensional business sign Westminster CO and monument signs


We can help you every step of the way to help you accomplish your signage needs. A local vape shop recently expanded to Westminster, and they needed effective signage for their building. We worked with them to design the sign. Once the design of the dimensional letters and logo box were finalized, we took over and got the permit from the city, manufactured the components, and successfully installed the sign just in time for their grand opening! Do you need an effective outdoor sign for your business? Give us a call or click here to request a quote!

Pylon Lit Cabinet Sign - Signage Company - Connecting Signs

Internally illuminated signs stand out day and night

Pylon Lit Cabinet Sign - Signage Company - Connecting Signs

Internally illuminated signs draw all kinds of attention both day and night

These types of signs are very versatile; they can be free-standing as a monument sign, mount on a pole, and probably the most popular is mounting the cabinet onto a storefront wall. We offer cabinets that are manufactured with the highest quality extruded aluminum components, welded construction industrial-strength finishes, and durable polycarbonate faces.

Our team of experts can design an eye-catching custom message for your illuminated cabinet sign face. Several options are available based on many factors – from a basic message made from solid color translucent vinyl to printed graphics on translucent, to a long-lasting back-painted face. Our Internally illuminated signs & lightboxes are the perfect choice for business owners that need their brand to get noticed even after the sun goes down.

Backlit cabinet signs are also ideal for commercial real estate landlords that are looking for cost-effective signage change-outs when needed. Sign faces can be easily replaced with a new tenant’s brand.

Give us a call at 970.493.0133 and let our team of professionals work with you on a new, eye-catching backlit cabinet sign. Whether it’s a brand new lightbox sign, illuminated cabinet sign, or just replacing the graphics on your existing sign – we’ll listen to you and get a solution that works for your business!