Signage Solutions for Environmental Graphic Design

Dec 19, 2022 | Exterior Signs, Interior Signs

What is environmental graphic design? It’s a term that encompasses design specialties including interior, graphic, exterior, and architectural design. Signage is an important part of environmental graphic design in the sense that every kind of environment that the public interacts with needs effective signage. Here’s our list of signage solutions for environmental graphic design.

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Donor Recognition Displays

Searching for ways to recognize donors and sponsors to your organization? Our clients at Colorado State University’s Animal Science Department were looking to do just that when they came to us with their need for effective donor recognition signage. With a new building for classes and staff meetings, we worked closely with them to design, produce, and install numerous donor appreciation displays in entrances, foyers, and study areas. To adhere to the existing environmental design of the space, we helped design signage solutions to recognize their numerous and generous donors.

Foyer Branding Displays

When you enter a large and spacious foyer you may be greeted with a live person, a directory, or some other type of branding display. For our friends at Hach, their foyer was being remodeled with a huge indoor water feature and they needed their branding included in the impressive display. The final display is a beautiful representation of their products and services. LED illumination allows for the dimensional logo to show through the cascading water. When you walk into their foyer, you can’t help but notice this awesome display!

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Architectural Films for Glass Walls & Windows

Environmental graphic design also allows for interior and exterior spaces to be more functional and accessible to all users. At the moment, glass walls and windows are a popular trend, but they create some problems. While they do look modern and support natural lighting, floor-to-ceiling glass panels can be hard to see by users who are unfamiliar with the space, leading to some unfortunate accidents. They also do not allow for any privacy while the room is being occupied. One solution to this is architectural films. Frosted vinyl is one type that is a slightly opaque and translucent adhesive film. It’s a great cost-effective way to provide some privacy and to help others be aware of the glass walls.

Interior & Exterior Wayfinding Signage

Fostering functionality is an important component of environmental graphic design, so naturally, wayfinding signage plays a big role in the spaces that we use. Creating a system of wayfinding signage needs to be done with an open mind and empathy for those who are new to the area. Imagine you’re visiting a large church for a wedding and need to locate the restrooms. If you spend more time searching for the facilities than enjoying the wedding, you’re going to have a bad time!


ADA-compliant room identity

Another great example of how an interior space can be accessible to users of all abilities is ADA-compliant room identity signs. Restrooms, stairwells, offices, and other important facilities need to be easily found and identified per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We’ve had the opportunity to work with many different organizations for room identity signage. Because of the strict rules associated with the design specifications for ADA signage, having overly creative and complex signage is not allowed. For the most part, simple is always better!

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