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In 2012, the population in Northern Colorado was around 700,000, and in 2022 close to 900,000.  Connecting Signs recently celebrated TEN years in business! Our company has been very fortunate to be in business during such a huge growth in the region. We are a small business with less than 10 employees. Part of our success within the last 10 years is surrounding ourselves with the best – employees, experience, passion, and vendor partners. Along the way, we added some important equipment and growth to build our business.

Top-Tier Sign-Making Equipment

  • Flatbed printer – Saves time and money
  • Router – Producing ADA signage is a favorite of ours and can do them in-house
  • Bucket Truck – Another benefit of doing work in-house
  • Build out to enlarge space – Office separate from production and a bigger area to bring in more and larger vehicles for wrapping
  • Increased focus on marketing in today’s world – updated logo and brand matching in every area of the business


How We Built Our Brand Position

  • Knowing our customers and how signage will grow their business – big or small businesses.
  • Immediate response and quick information, answers, and follow-up distinguishes us from the competition.
  • Easy to find out about us – website, community involvement, networking, google reviews.

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We Want to Help Your New Business Grow

Give us a call if you are a new business in northern Colorado, or you are making changes or additions to your business information. We want to help you grow your business! Connecting Signs can help with interior, exterior, construction sites, ADA, wraps, graphic design, installations, and much more.  Visit our website or stop in for a free consultation or just to watch a wrap or printing in progress. Our entire team is very proud of what they do and would love to show you how it’s done. Finally, a big thank you to all our customers and the relationships that have been made the last 10 years!

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