Vehicle Graphics – 3 Questions to Ask About Your Advertising Campaign

Feb 8, 2015 | Fleet Vehicle Graphics, Graphic Wraps, Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

How is your small business’ advertising going? Maybe the marketing dollars you’re spending isn’t translating to customers, or even “lookers”. Jumping into vehicle graphics and vehicle wrap advertising just might be the answer that you have been looking for. Chasing after premier spots in print media, TV, or radio come at a very hefty price. After reading these 3 reasons for utilizing vehicle advertising, you may want to switch at least some portion of the company’s marketing budget there.

When is a good time?

There are at least four key indicators for a business to know that it’s time to advertise

      1. In the first months of a new business you need to create brand identity.



    • After sales have stabilized to a significant level, which allow for enough dollars for advertising.



    • Competitors marketing efforts decrease.



    • Customers are seeking bargains and are more willing to change suppliers



Where to put my advertisements?

Start a new business here in Fort Collins or Northern Colorado and your phone will ring as soon as your service is turned on. The problem is that the calls will be from advertising salespeople. Sure, Yellow Pages sounds good and they’ve been around a long time. You add your logo and maybe an image and before you know it, you’re spending $2K and up annually for that small ad – and no one sees it. Ever been told you absolutely must advertise on the radio and notice even your own employees either listen to streaming music stations over the internet, satellite radio or have MP3 headphones on? Ever been told local TV would be a great way to really get your campaign going then realize that most families either stream shows over the internet commercial-free or DVR them and skip over the ads? The only time you can be reasonably sure that you will get your potential customers watching your TV ad is during the Super Bowl, but you probably don’t have $3.5 Million to run your 30 second spot. Other factors that affect this would be the kind of product being advertised and how you want your market to recall your brand. In terms of placement, this would be determined by the level of exposure and time of exposure of the target market on the said media.

Hitting the Target?

Businesses need to be asking “who is my target audience?” The answers might be something like “anyone over 40” or “anyone who loves animals” – while these answers might seem too specific, they’re not. Your business or advertising campaign may have several different types of a target audience and for each type you should identify a combination of these factors: • Demographics – by age, income, gender, occupation. • Psychographics – including hobbies, personal interests, preferences, music. • Geographic – this can be as general as worldwide or a specific city or country. • Use-based – how often the customer would want or need your product or service.

Frustratingly Simple!

Getting the “When”, “Where”, “Who” advertising factors correct can get frustrating. Our advice is to simplify and address all the key elements with vehicle wraps. We can tell you right here—without a chart or graph—that vehicle wraps will reach your target market. Vehicle graphics can achieve 70,000 visual impressions in just one day and 95 percent of people surveyed said they remembered the graphics they saw on vehicle wraps. They will reach your target market, and as far as demographics go, the young, the old, the poor, the wealthy, the students, the business owners, the married, the single see your ad as it turns your vehicle into a one-of-a-kind moving advertisement billboard It’s interesting when a business owner says to us “but if I have my logo and phone number on my car, I’ll have to drive safe because everyone will see it” …that statement really drives it home! Maybe sign companies should get credited more for keeping our roads safer by having people’s contact info on their vehicle. Vehicle graphics can be as simple as a $300-$1,000 vinyl lettering design to truck wraps, car wraps, or van wraps starting around $1600. Vehicle wraps are hot, trendy and it is in-your-face advertising people can’t help but notice. It is simply the way to remove your frustrations with your marketing campaign. Can’t make it through the article without this powerful chart (below) we’d like to share with you.  So here’s a couple more questions for you: Ready to get an answer to the “when”, “where”, “who” of advertising and marketing dollars? Want to forget about all those advertising ideas you’ve been “told” would work? We thought so too.





















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