Vehicle Graphics for Heating and Air Company in Northern Colorado

Feb 8, 2015 | Fleet Vehicle Graphics, Graphic Wraps, Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

// // Vehicle Graphics for Heating and Air Company in Northern Colorado//

IMS Heating and Air is a successful and respected HVAC company in Colorado, and with their long list of customer testimonials they know a thing or two about treating customers with top-notch service. I met Daren, one of the owners at IMS, and he indicated he sees many service contractor fleet vehicles with full-color vehicle wraps and was interested in updating the van graphics on their fleet. While IMS’s existing vehicle decals and lettering served it’s purpose for many years, it was time to update their corporate image with some fresh, new vehicle graphics for their entire fleet!

With the growing number of vehicle wraps on the road today, it can be a challenge to come up with something original, fresh, and cutting edge. We also had directions to maintain their corporate colors, logos, and general “look”.

Our lead designer and our lead installer did an initial “walk-thru” with IMS. This included talking through several design ideas with the customer and one of their fleet vehicles. All design aspects were discussed – colors, logo placement, taglines, website URL, and phone numbers. The value of this initial vehicle graphics walk-thru is to get us “tuned-in” to what is important to our customer and the message they want to convey. We’ve found that not having this one-on-one relationship with our customers is a recipe for mis-communication and a lengthy design cycle.

The final vehicle wrap design included the unique look of having one side of the fleet graphics red -representing the “heating” side of the business, and blue for “cooling”. For vehicle advertising you only have 3-5 seconds to get the viewers attention, so we included the IMS globe to first grab the eye. The placement of the globe was important as well since people look at images first and read left to right. If you’ve ever seen a sign or vehicle graphic that violates the “focal point on the left” rule, you’ll understand what we mean… put it on the right-hand side and the text on the left, and the eye will go right to the image and miss the text.

An established and successful business like IMS understand that the most impressive part of vehicle graphics is is that it’s less than nearly all other forms of advertising. The average vehicle wrap costs $1,500—$3,000 and lasts 3-5 years. So if you paid $2,000 and your wrap lasts 5 years, that equates to $33 per month! Savy business owners know there is no other adverising that cost $33 per month, while generating between 30k – 70k impressions daily.

Oh, and just how much do radio and TV ads run now days?!…

The pictures below show the company’s old van graphics, a proof of what our designer came up with and the final pictures that are driving all over northern Colorado!

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