Total redesign – Almost

If you decide to make a color and design change, be sure to incorporate elements of your current identity into the new identity to keep from looking like an entirely different company. This is a picture of our new van which got a completely new design with very different colors.  Notice the difference between our new van and the current design on our company truck and how we kept the CS logo the same.

Color change

For the non-business vehicle enthusiasts, a very popular vehicle wrap change is called color change.  Learn more about this type of process versus painting.  Your family vehicle, your pride and joy that never gets out unless the weather is perfect, or your car is in car shows or clubs – this is the way to go!  Painting can be much more expensive and you are usually without a car for a lot longer than it takes to wrap a vehicle.  The range of colors is huge and they come in gloss, matte, brushed metal and carbon fiber looks.  Just look at the difference in this truck – white to military green!  And this Mercedes – dark greenish to pearl white!

Other reasons to change a vehicle wrap:

  • Age – make a refreshing change with a total makeover or just make a subtle change to the font or style (more modern)
  • New information about your company (product or service)
  • New logo for a brand new company (spin off)
  • Logo redesign to reach a broader audience

Whatever you decide to change, go with a fresh, modern new look taking care not to add confusion with a totally different design.  That’s not easy! Call us 970-493-0133.  We can help with advice, design, and install making a vehicle wrap change a good experience!