Ways to Use a Bucket Truck for Sign Installation

Nov 16, 2022 | Sign Service

Ever since we made the leap and acquired our bucket truck, we’ve been installing so many signs that we previously would have to outsource the labor for. The bucket truck allows us to install signage on buildings and structures of all shapes and sizes. Sign installation services tend to differ from project to project, so it’s very useful to have a skilled operator working the bucket. Here are 3 unique ways we use our bucket truck to install signage all over Northern Colorado!

credit union sign installation

Cabinet Sign & Channel Letters Installation

Cabinet signs are oversized, dimensional, boxes that internally house electrical components such as LED lights for illumination at night. The face of these signs can be made with printed translucent vinyl or we can use our flatbed printer to print the sign directly to the translucent acrylic panel. Channel letters are similar to cabinet signs but they can be made into different shapes for a custom look. Installing cabinet signs and channel letters can be difficult, but with a bucket truck, we’re able to install signs on all types of exterior structures.

runza sign installation with bucket truck

Completing Accurate Site Surveys for Signage

Large signage projects don’t just happen overnight. Although, it would be nice if they did! Almost every exterior sign intended for long-term or permanent use must be approved by the municipality it’s located in. To obtain a sign permit your business must provide all of the pertinent information regarding the signs you’re intending to have on your property. Where we as a sign company come in handy in creating the drawings for the plans to send to your local government. With our bucket truck, we’re able to get accurate measurements to create our designs or proofs.

large format banner installation

Oversized Banner Installation

Large-format banners are perfect when you need a temporary solution for visible signage. With the long turnaround times that come with custom exterior signs, an oversized banner used as a placeholder for your final sign provides your business with the advertising it needs to attract new customers. The larger the banner… the better, right? Well, a larger banner means a heavier and more complicated installation. However, we’re able to install oversized banners onto the face of a building with our versatile bucket truck.


If you’re in search of how your signs can be installed in the most cost-effective and quick way, contact Connecting Signs to make use of our bucket truck! We’ve got the resources your business needs to get the signage solutions done to help you build your business!

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