What to Know About Advertising Wraps

Jun 24, 2019 | Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

Advertising wraps are one of the most effective tools for getting your brand or message out into the world! Whether it’s a car wrap, truck wrap, trailer wrap, or van wrap; there’s arguably no better way to reach your audience. Here are some interesting facts about advertising wraps:

Stats about Vehicle Wraps:

  • According to ARD Ventures, advertising wraps generate between 30,000 – 70,000 impressions daily.
  • According to perception research, advertising wraps generate 2.5 times more attention than roadside billboards.
  • According to a study by the American Trucking Association, 30% of people who viewed advertising wraps indicated that they would base a buying decision on the ads they see
  • Messages on advertising wraps have a 97% recall rate, according to a study by RYP & Becker Group

Vehicle Wrap Connecting Signs Radio station car wrap

Tips for Designing a Wrap

If you’re designing a vehicle wrap, make sure that you’re creating the design in some sort of computer application that can handle large file sizes and supports vector file formats. Consider your audience and how they will be viewing your advertising wrap by keeping the design as simple as possible. Be aware of any features that will impede the wrap design like door handles, windows, lights, and gas caps. Here’s another useful blog about sign design that also has good pointers on designing an advertising wrap.

custom partial van wrap Custom partial van wrap

How to Make a Wrap Work

Think like your target audience and make sure that your wrap is viewable to the right kind of people. This may require you to do extensive research into how your target market behaves, but the best way to get a high ROI on an advertising wrap is to be seen at the right time, in the right place, by the right kind of people. For example, a service van wrap for a plumbing business might work more effectively if parked at a home improvement store’s parking lot. There, the people shopping for products related to the home improvement might need a plumber. If they see the van wrap advertising services that they’re in need of, they will be more inclined to become a customer!

Shuttle Van Wrap Shuttle van wrap

How to Take Care of Your Wrap

A vehicle wrap is essentially a giant, printed sticker that is laminated to help protect it from fading and minor scratches. A well-maintained vehicle wrap that is kept in a garage or a shady area when not in use will last up to five years. A wrapped car can go through the car wash but should not be cleaned up close with a power washer. Regularly inspect your wrap for any minor lifting in the deep curves and contact your wrap installer right away if you notice a part of the wrap lifting.

Removing a Vehicle Wrap

After you’ve gotten the most use out of your vehicle wrap, you might be thinking about removal.  The first thing to know about removing a wrap is that the longer the wrap has been on the vehicle, the harder it will be to remove the film and leftover adhesive. Use a heat gun to help soften the vinyl and slowly pull the film away. The hardest part of removing a wrap is dealing with the adhesive that is left once the vinyl film is removed. Consider purchasing some heavy-duty adhesive remover to help clean off the sticky residue.

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