Custom Signage Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Jan 19, 2022 | Exterior Signs

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A professional storefront sign helps your business stand out and leaves a lasting impression on the minds of your audience.  Ensuring that your brand stands out is the key to attracting new customers and one of the best ways to do that is with custom signage. Evaluate your business’s unique needs to determine what type of sign you’ll need to shop for. In the case of these unique neon channel letters, the signage ordinance required the letters to be “open-faced” with neon illumination. The completed look is a striking and attractive sign that will provide effective on-site advertising for many years.


Finding Signage Solutions for Your Unique Needs

This first step is to be aware of the things that will hold up the process of getting your signs produced. These should be considered very early on in the process of selecting a sign company to work with. There are always going to be unexpected bumps along the way but being prepared is the best way to deal with them.

  • If renting your storefront, consult and negotiate with your landlord about what type of exterior signage is allowed or recommended.
  • Research the local sign code and other municipality ordinances.
  • Search for different types of signage and read up on the challenges and benefits of each type.
  • Set your expectations for your signage.
  • Set a budget for your signage.

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Determine the Type of Sign

The next big decision for you as a business is determining what type of sign will work best for your needs. For exterior signs, the type of sign that will provide you with the best advertising and exposure is channel letters. Channel letters can be directly mounted to your building or installed along a raceway that houses the electrical components. Another type of exterior sign that provides effective exposure is cabinet signs. Cabinet signs can be an attractive exterior sign option as they’re quicker to produce and versatile. Vinyl banners can also be an effective sign to use temporarily if you need signage while your channel letters or cabinet signs are being manufactured.

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Custom Exterior Signage Manufacturing – What to Expect

The most difficult part of this process – ordering your exterior signage – is managing expectations. These products take time to manufacture and install. The time frame from placing your deposit to installation can vary because everything is dependent on multiple entities working together. Many municipalities require a permit to be pulled for the installation of a permanent exterior sign which can take days or weeks to get approved. Additionally, there should be an expected period for the sign to be manufactured. If you need something temporary while you’re waiting for your sign to be produced, consider a temporary sign like a banner or an a-frame sign!

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