6 Different Sign Finishes Explained

Jul 3, 2023 | Uncategorized

Signs are an important aspect of any business, as they serve as a means of communication with potential customers. They can convey important information, such as the name of the business, the products or services offered, or important safety information. To make these messages stand out, signs are often finished with a variety of materials and techniques. In this blog post, we will explore some of the different finishes used on signs. Keep reading to learn more about the different options for sign finishes.

1. Gloss Finish

Gloss finish is a common choice for signs as it provides a shiny and smooth surface. This finish reflects light well, making it ideal for outdoor signs, as it increases visibility. The glossy finish is achieved through a clear coat of varnish or enamel applied over the printed or painted sign. The finish can also protect the sign from weather damage and wear and tear. Gloss is a great option to help any signs last a little longer.

2. Matte Finish

Matte finish is the opposite of gloss finish. It provides a non-reflective surface and has a subtle texture. This finish can be applied to a variety of materials, including vinyl, plastic, and metal. Matte finish is ideal for indoor signs, as it reduces glare and provides a professional look. Matte finishes are one of the most popular option for sign finishes due to its ability to look consistently clean in most environments, and because it can be safely applied to many different kinds of signs. 

3. Metallic Finish

Metallic finish is a great option for signs that require a sleek and modern look. This finish mimics the appearance of metal, providing a metallic shine and texture to the sign. It is commonly used on aluminum and acrylic signs.

4. Reflective Finish

Reflective finish is often used on road signs and other signs that need to be visible at night. This finish contains reflective materials that reflect light from headlights, making the sign visible in low-light conditions. Reflective finishes are available in both matte and glossy options.

5. Textured Finish

Textured finish can provide a unique and creative look to a sign. Textured finishes are available in a variety of styles, including stone, brick, wood, and concrete. These finishes are often applied using vinyl wraps, allowing for the appearance of the textured material without the weight or expense. Textured finishes can be a bold choice, and therefore may not be ideal for every project. 

6. Laminated Finish

Laminated finish is a protective layer that is added over the printed or painted sign. This finish provides a clear, plastic layer that protects the sign from scratches, fading, and other types of damage. Laminated finishes are available in both matte and glossy options.

Sign finishes play an important role in the appearance and durability of a sign. Whether you are looking for a sleek and modern look, a protective finish, or a textured appearance, there are a variety of finishes available to meet your needs. When choosing a finish for your sign, consider the environment in which the sign will be displayed, the message that you want to convey, and the durability requirements of the sign. With the right finish, your sign can attract customers and convey important information for years to come.

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