High School Mascot Gymnasium Wall Graphics

Mar 1, 2021 | Environmental Graphics, Wall Graphics

High School Mascot Gymnasium Graphics

high school mascot gymnasium graphics

Connecting Signs works with several construction companies in Northern Colorado. One of them recently contacted us to provide signage for a new school gymnasium for Yuma High School in Yuma, Colorado. We have done many signs for schools – banners, wall graphics, ADA room signs, dimensional lettering, etc. This project was a little different. The signs needed were wall graphics with the school mascot and some lettering and were to be painted.

school mascot graphic

Creating the Mascot with Stencils

The school mascot graphic was to be painted on a white cement block wall with the logo featured in two colors. The first step was to separate the red and the black graphics in our design program. Then we used paint mask vinyl to create the design and we plotted two separate stencils for the red and black layers. The mascot is three total colors – white, red, and black. The first stencil was used for the red, the second stencil for the black, and the white is the wall color. The other set of graphics was white lettering, done the same way with a stencil – white painted letters on red. Because there was only one layer of colors, this graphic was easier to prepare for installation, but these were huge stencils so a ladder and lots of tape was necessary!

gym wall graphicsEnvironmental Graphics are Essential

These types of graphics are known as environmental graphics. They’re intended to improve and complement the surroundings to make everyone who interacts with the environment feel more comfortable with the space. Environmental graphics help visitors with navigation and highlights the branding of mascots and logos. The graphics are designed intentionally and are placed carefully to create a good balance and not be overpowering. Environmental design also adds a pleasant and functional look to the facility.

Raise School Pride with Wall Graphics

Are you looking for ways to raise your school’s pride and improving the environmental design of your campus through wall graphics or something a little different? Contact Connecting Signs today – we love working on these types of projects and would love to help your school or university achieve its optimal environmental design.

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