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Feb 8, 2015 | ADA, Braille Signs, Directional Signs, Lobby Signs, Wayfinding Signs

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The Need for Clear Interior Signage

I’m sure you’ve seen it – someone walking around an office building or maybe a medical center, and they look lost, or maybe there’s no doubt they’re lost because they are saying things to themselves (out-loud) like “where is it…”, or “I wonder if I am on the right floor…”. Think of the time wasted and the needless energy spent. If only the building had clearer interior signage! We’ve had several clients whose company is in shared office building space, and they have us design a popup banner display for the single purpose of displaying it outside their office door to prevent maybe a few of the countless “lost” visitors walking in and asking directions. Until you sit at the front desk at such a place having to stop what you’re doing to give directions, you may not have an appreciation for effective interior building signage.

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The Job of Wayfinding Signs

For the folks traveling the halls of a building every day, knowing the route from one place to another seems all too obvious. Not so much if you’re not familiar with the interior space. Nothing is more frustrating than being late for an appointment simply because of the lack of wayfinding signs. These are the types of signs that get no respect! They do their job quietly, working 24/7 – showing people which may have never been in a building before, where to go, and where important places like restrooms, offices, entrances, exits, and stairways are.
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Dress it up

We can help you make these unsung heroes of the sign world work double-duty… Creating attractive interior business wayfinding signage can also improve a company’s brand through the use of color and design. Maybe even integrate your company’s logo into all the interior signs, which would further solidify your brand in the customer’s mind. An impactful sign plan that includes the goal of being aesthetically pleasing to look at, should also be as functionally practical as possible. In the effort to dress up your interior signage, be aware of the pitfalls of distracting the user with unnecessary design elements. Remember to keep it simple!

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Change with the Times 

When it comes to choosing techniques for creating and reproducing wayfinding signage, there will come a time when there’s a need to change certain elements – business names, employees’ names, etc. We have some very attractive front-loading interior building sign systems that feature curved and flat lenses that lend themselves to quick updates. One such system is our SignPro frames, which are designed to accommodate a variety of substrates, from simple digital prints combined with a clear lens to ADA faces, engraved plastics, metal, and more.

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From Simple to Stand Out

Interior office building signage doesn’t have to be boring, nor look like any other office that you’ve ever been in. So whether you are looking for relatively simple engraved nameplates, routed directory signs, or a large office complex full of interior wayfinding signs that stand out, Connecting Signs – Your Trusted Sign Partner – will work directly with you to consult, design, fabricate, and install the perfect signage solution for your business. Get started with a free quote today!

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