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Tips for Designing a Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle wraps are a fun, unique, and striking way of advertising your brand. Even if the vehicle wrap is not meant for advertising purposes, it can still stand out and turn heads. No matter how you decide to use a vehicle wrap, it will get noticed! Creating a design for a commercial vehicle wrap can be daunting, but as long as you pay attention to details and keep the design simple, you’ll have a great mobile advertisement!

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Start by Looking for Vehicle Wrap Design Inspiration

The most difficult part of starting a vehicle wrap design is at the beginning. You might start out with a very broad design idea, but when there are too many styles and ideas to work from, you might get overwhelmed with everything that’s out there. Consult with the vast bank of design inspiration that is the internet. A couple of great places to check out are Tumblr and Pinterest. The one catch with searching for design inspiration on the internet, however, is the temptation to plagiarize another vehicle wrap design. Make sure that you’re looking for inspiration, not a completed design made by another designer.

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Don’t Hesitate to Purchase Design Elements

If you get stuck on a design or are unhappy with the way it’s looking, there’s no shame in purchasing a pre-made stock illustration to use for an eye-catching background. When you purchase a royalty-free stock graphic you will be able to use it for all your business’s marketing assets. Vehicle wraps are large-format digitally printed over-sized stickers, so ensure that your print will look clean and crisp by buying vector-based graphics only. High-resolution photos will work but will result in a very large file which slows the processing time down when the wrap is being printed.

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Work from a Scaled-down Vehicle Template

Any trust-worthy, reputable, experienced sign company will gladly send you or your designer a vector vehicle template to create a vehicle wrap design. They will most likely send it to you for free if you have them print and install the vehicle wrap. Obviously, working from a template will ensure that the important elements of the design are not impeded with door handles or plastic rocker panels. One more tip for working from a template is to make sure that it is accurate to the actual vehicle that will be wrapped. Measure the wheelbase (the measurement from the center or the front wheels to the back wheels), measure the height and width of the vehicle, and the windows.

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When in Doubt, Keep it Simple!

Take it or leave it, but the most effective vehicle wraps are the ones with the simplest designs. “Keeping the design simple” means that you’re not distracting from your main product or service that you offer. A vehicle wrap design that is too busy with lots of text and imagery will almost always be overlooked and ignored. Everyone has different opinions and preferences, but an advertising vehicle wrap should not be an extension of what you think looks good (it’s for marketing your business). Keep the design simple, straight-forward, and eye-catching and that’s it!

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Brushed Metal Door Wrap

Brushed Metal Door Wrap Tuft Construction & Development is in Denver, Colorado.  The company provides preconstruction, construction management, general contracting, and design services to ground-up residential and commercial projects.  Visit their website and as you browse through pictures of their projects, you will be impressed with their creativity and “out-of-the-box” thinking. 

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Interior Design Improvement Using Professional Signage

The interior design of a space, whether it’s for a place that people wait, dine or just relax is so important to the efficiency of a business. There are many published studies about how the design of a space can psychologically impact a person.

When you have an inviting place that serves your customer’s subconscious mental needs, the day goes by nice and smooth. Considering how you want customers to feel while they wait or eat is the first step. Innovations in digital printing and vinyl technology have helped maximize the creative potential of a space. Along with printing whatever image you could possibly think of, vinyl comes in a variety of colors, transparencies, and textures allowing for endless options.



Frosted vinyl is less expensive and easier to install than actual etched glass and, sometimes, looks better than etched glass (which is a very difficult medium to work with). Frosted vinyl graphics can have intricate designs die-cut into the vinyl for a unique custom “look”. Frosted vinyl comes in many different finishes. Dusted crystal is a popular finish because it has glitter embedded into the vinyl.

A lobby or a reception area where guests check-in is a great opportunity to showcase your logo in a creative way. Usually these signs are referred to as: Lobby Signs. Colored acrylic is routed into any simple shape or letter and secured using a template directly to the wall. Mixing and matching colors can create an effective effect. LED lights can be installed into the sign and illuminate your brand.

Without a focal point, a space can seem empty and unfinished try interior design with signs. Bold, digitally printed graphics can be printed directly to vinyl, which is then installed onto an interior wall. You can dramatically improve blank wall with vinyl wall graphics. Printed wall graphics are always laminated to ensure longevity and durability. Environmental concerns can be address with non-PVC vinyl, ensuring peace of mind knowing that you’re not polluting the air.

For more information, please feel free to reach out to us at (970) 493-0133 or via our contact form.

Flatbed Printing

Large-Format Digital Printing: Signs | Wraps | Graphics!


There are many large-format digital printers out there, and each kind tries to specialize in as many different applications as they can. There are specific things that specific printers do better. Dye-sublimation printers are great when used for printing on fabric because they basically dye the fabric the colors of whatever design you’re printing. Printers that use solvent ink or latex ink are great for printing on adhesive vinyl for vehicle wraps, poster paper, wall vinyl and vinyl banners. Then, there’s UV printers. UV ink is great for outdoor applications because it resists fading from UV rays from the sun. UV ink is also very durable and resistant to scratches and folding lines.

At Connecting Signs, we utilize two of these types of printers. We use our large-format (latex ink) digital printer to print graphics for printed vehicle wraps, indoor wall murals, lobby signs, retractable banners as well as many other types of signage. The latex ink in this printer is durable and fade-resistant, but just to ensure that the prints last as long as they need to, we laminate the graphics used outdoors or on vehicle wraps. For large indoor wall murals, we divide the print into “tiles” that are seamed together with an overlap. This allows us to print miles and miles of a continuous graphic!

Our other printer is a flatbed UV printer that allows us to quickly and efficiently print on rigid substrates.We print on coroplast for yard signs, foamboard for indoor posters, composite wood or aluminum material for long-term outdoor signage like construction site signs or parking lot signs. The UV ink that is laid down on the material is cured by UV lamps inside the printer, making the ink very durable and long-lasting.

Coroplast Signs
As a full-service sign shop, we produce so much more than digitally printed graphics! The digital plotter allows us to create die-cut vinyl decals and the CNC router-engraver produces an array of custom-cut letters or any shape you can think of. Give us a call, stop by or click here to request a quote!