The Best Types of Restaurant Signs

Apr 12, 2021 | Illuminated cabinet sign, Interior Signs, Window Graphics

The Best Types of Restaurant Signs

There isn’t a business out there that needs signs more than a restaurant. The more the better and the bigger, even better! Whether you are traveling, celebrating a special occasion, entertaining, or just don’t feel like cooking, restaurants are a big business establishment. Picking a restaurant isn’t hard, but sometimes finding one can be a chore. Besides the excellent food, having the right kind of restaurant signs is one of the best things you can do for your eatery business. Keeping in mind your location, size, cuisine, and brand image there are many types of signs that are best suited for a restaurant.

restaurant channel letter sign

Not all restaurants need all the following list of signs, but most could use these types: Exterior and interior channel letters (brightly illuminated), window vinyl, sidewalk signs, menu boards, interior ADA signage, banners, vehicle wraps, and billboards.

The best ways to make the most out of restaurant signs and attract hungry customers:

restaurant window graphics

Stay Visible

Tall, big letters in a highly readable font with your information help customers searching for your business. Read all about sign design basics here!

Advantage of Corners

Again, tall and seen from all high-traffic directions whether walking or driving.

Creative Options

If there are limitations on large exterior signs, consider other options. Window graphics, sidewalk signs, and feather flags are all great alternatives.

Illumination is the Way to Go

Restaurants are open for long hours. Make sure your sign is lit or has overhead lighting for after dark.


Use elegant design, bright LEDs, or interactive digital message boards.

Legibility is Important

Use clear and understandable wording and always check the spelling of the message!

Quick Restaurant Sign Highlight

lees chicken sign

We have some family close to Lincoln, Nebraska so we went to one of our favorite restaurants – Lee’s Chicken Restaurant! They dish out some of the best fried chicken that we’ve ever had, but one of our favorite parts of our visit was seeing their unique chicken sign as well as the story behind it. Their most visible sign is a 10-foot tall, three-dimensional chicken that is installed on an elevated post in their parking lot. What a great and unique type of sign for a restaurant! This iconic sign was also stolen a couple of years ago, which just goes to show you that people pay attention to it (even if it was stolen as a joke!). The chicken was, thankfully, replaced and once again is a beacon of hope for hungry locals and out-of-state visitors!

Even if your business is not a restaurant, your brand will benefit from effective signs. There are lots of options out there so make sure you do lots of research to determine what signs will meet your business’s needs. Connecting Signs is here for your brand when you do figure out what you need. Contact us today by calling: 970-493-0133 or click here to request a quote.

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