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Wall Wraps

Endless Possibilities with Wall Wraps

The concept of wrapping a vehicle can be applied to virtually almost any flat surface. An advantage of wrapping versus painting is that it is not a long-term commitment. As long as your wrap is taken care of, you can look forward to about ten years of effective advertising (less if your wrap is exposed to the weather or sun). Wall wraps offer a unique opportunity to advertise your brand or message. Premium wrap film technology allows for us to wrap over textured surfaces like CMU or brick walls. Wall wraps can add interest to a boring space or they can inform your audience.

Wall wraps can be laid on any textured surface

Wall mural project

Modern vinyl manufacturing has progressed so far and quickly from where it began. Textured vinyl film is a very classy and elegant example of what is possible today. Architectural films are made purely for interior design purposes. With finishes like: marble, brushed metal, wood, carbon fiber, dry-erase, stone, silk, leather, and much more, you’re sure to find the perfect wall wrap vinyl for your project. Seriously, these are simple and amazing alternatives to expensive materials that might not fit within your budget. It’s shocking how well these architectural films can transform a space!

Digital printing technology allows for virtually anything to be displayed on your walls, desks, or windows. It’s important to work with a graphic designer who knows how to create good vector art. A professional photographer can also be a vital resource to your wall wrap design if you’re interested in displaying photographs or photo-realistic illustrations. The other element to a successful wall wrap is to partner with a professional installer. There’s nothing more frustrating then having yards and yards of vinyl ready to install and then an unforeseen issue arises at the last second! All in all, it’s best to always have a good team to work with.

Wall Wraps from Connecting Signs in Fort Collins, CO

Meeting room wall mural

If you’re stuck looking for a professional and experienced partner to help get your project off the ground, then look no further! Connecting Signs is equipped to help guide you through all of your wall wrap needs. Give us a call today or click here to get started!

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Interior Design Improvement Using Professional Signage

The interior design of a space, whether it’s for a place that people wait, dine or just relax is so important to the efficiency of a business. There are many published studies about how the design of a space can psychologically impact a person.

When you have an inviting place that serves your customer’s subconscious mental needs, the day goes by nice and smooth. Considering how you want customers to feel while they wait or eat is the first step. Innovations in digital printing and vinyl technology have helped maximize the creative potential of a space. Along with printing whatever image you could possibly think of, vinyl comes in a variety of colors, transparencies, and textures allowing for endless options.



Frosted vinyl is less expensive and easier to install than actual etched glass and, sometimes, looks better than etched glass (which is a very difficult medium to work with). Frosted vinyl graphics can have intricate designs die-cut into the vinyl for a unique custom “look”. Frosted vinyl comes in many different finishes. Dusted crystal is a popular finish because it has glitter embedded into the vinyl.

A lobby or a reception area where guests check-in is a great opportunity to showcase your logo in a creative way. Usually these signs are referred to as: Lobby Signs. Colored acrylic is routed into any simple shape or letter and secured using a template directly to the wall. Mixing and matching colors can create an effective effect. LED lights can be installed into the sign and illuminate your brand.

Without a focal point, a space can seem empty and unfinished try interior design with signs. Bold, digitally printed graphics can be printed directly to vinyl, which is then installed onto an interior wall. You can dramatically improve blank wall with vinyl wall graphics. Printed wall graphics are always laminated to ensure longevity and durability. Environmental concerns can be address with non-PVC vinyl, ensuring peace of mind knowing that you’re not polluting the air.

For more information, please feel free to reach out to us at (970) 493-0133 or via our contact form.

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Signs for Building Business Branding

Starting your own business is a huge undertaking. Success does not come easily, but every successful business started out from nothing. In order to connect with your intended audience, it’s a game of trial and error to find what works best. Generating those leads and developing relationships with that audience is difficult. There’s nothing worse than being in business for a long time, and being repeatedly overlooked by potential customers.

In this (very) competitive market, a new business must outshine the competition. Whether that means better customer service, better products, cheaper prices, faster turn-arounds, or all of the above; it’s what will draw in new customers and keep current customers coming back. Your business’s brand (business name and logo among other things) has the potential to immediately communicate who, what, how, and why you’re here. Building up your brand is hard. It takes a lot of time and many lessons learned until you finally find that niche. Utilizing signs for building your brand is one of the best ways to engage and educate potential customers. Here’s a few kinds of signs that can help build your business branding.

Dimensional Logo and Letters

Outdoor Signs:

A sign on the outside of your building is the “face” of your business. It’s how people will recognize and find you. Some types of permanent exterior signage are:

  • Channel letters
    • Frontlit, backlit, front & backlit combo
  • Monument Signs
    • Free Standing Architectural
    • Post & Panel
    • Directory Sign
    • Pylon Sign
    • Digital Displays (electronic message centers)
  • Cabinet Signs
    • Internally illuminated
    • Logo Box Signs – Illuminated
  • Dimensional Letters
    • Cast metal
    • Exterior Grade Acrylic
  • Window Graphics
    • White vinyl applied to doors or windows
    • Printed vinyl applied to doors or windows
  • Flat Building Signs
    • Flat-cut aluminum with printed business name or logo
Modular wall sign fort collins

Modular Wall Sign

Indoor Signs:

Interior signs can also add to your presence especially if you share a space with another business. If you have a waiting area, signs or decorative prints can add a comforting ambiance. Here’s some examples of interior signage:

  • Lobby Signs
    • Multiple finishing options
    • Illumination available
  • Canvas Prints
    • Flat boards or wrapped around wooden frames
  • Dimensional Letters
    • Multiple finishing options
  • Directional Signs
    • ADA compliant signage (braille signs)
  • Point of Sale Signs
    • Multiple options and finishes available

Food Truck Wrap

Signs on the Move:

Signs need to work for your business even far away from your actual location. You can accomplish this with:

  • Vehicle Graphics (moving billboards!)
    • Full or partial wraps
    • Decals
    • Window Graphics
  • Yard Signs
    • Coroplast signs – with wire stakes
    • Aluminum Signs – with metal frame
  • Banners
    • Vinyl Banners
    • Mesh Banners
    • Outdoor Flags
    • Trade show banners
  • Sidewalk Signs
    • A-frame or sandwich board signs
Flatbed Printing

Large-Format Digital Printing: Signs | Wraps | Graphics!


There are many large-format digital printers out there, and each kind tries to specialize in as many different applications as they can. There are specific things that specific printers do better. Dye-sublimation printers are great when used for printing on fabric because they basically dye the fabric the colors of whatever design you’re printing. Printers that use solvent ink or latex ink are great for printing on adhesive vinyl for vehicle wraps, poster paper, wall vinyl and vinyl banners. Then, there’s UV printers. UV ink is great for outdoor applications because it resists fading from UV rays from the sun. UV ink is also very durable and resistant to scratches and folding lines.

At Connecting Signs, we utilize two of these types of printers. We use our large-format (latex ink) digital printer to print graphics for printed vehicle wraps, indoor wall murals, lobby signs, retractable banners as well as many other types of signage. The latex ink in this printer is durable and fade-resistant, but just to ensure that the prints last as long as they need to, we laminate the graphics used outdoors or on vehicle wraps. For large indoor wall murals, we divide the print into “tiles” that are seamed together with an overlap. This allows us to print miles and miles of a continuous graphic!

Our other printer is a flatbed UV printer that allows us to quickly and efficiently print on rigid substrates.We print on coroplast for yard signs, foamboard for indoor posters, composite wood or aluminum material for long-term outdoor signage like construction site signs or parking lot signs. The UV ink that is laid down on the material is cured by UV lamps inside the printer, making the ink very durable and long-lasting.

Coroplast Signs
As a full-service sign shop, we produce so much more than digitally printed graphics! The digital plotter allows us to create die-cut vinyl decals and the CNC router-engraver produces an array of custom-cut letters or any shape you can think of. Give us a call, stop by or click here to request a quote!

Elements of an Effective Business Storefront

An effective storefront is one that utilizes many kinds of signage. These business signs (indoor signs and outdoor signs) engage customers and attracts new customers. It is so important to appeal to your customers and meet their needs. You will also want to stand out among your competition. There are many things that you must consider when mapping out your signage structure. Here’s an example of effective storefront signs for your business.

Pre-Opening Signs

Mesh fence banner colorado and storefront signs

If your business is being built from the ground up, you will want to inform the public of what is happening as well as information about when you’re opening. You can also take this opportunity to inform your potential customers about the services you offer. Vinyl banners or mesh fence banners are useful in this instance because they are made to be temporary and cost-effective.

Outdoor Building Signs

Dimensional letters fort collins colorado and storefront signs

Next up, you will want to get permanent building signs mapped out and planned. This includes the design and attaining the required permits from the town or city offices. Monument signs provide great visibility from the road. If you’re located in a business park, your property management company should already have a monument sign by a nearby road that has multiple tenant panels. For your building sign, it’s a good idea to consider investing in dimensional letters. Backlit dimensional letters or an internally lit channel box are great options.

Window Graphics & Indoor Signs



The following signs are also very important to your business. Window graphics, in the form of cut vinyl, applied to the front door are great opportunities to inform your customers of your business hours as well as a helpful identifier of your location. This is especially true if you share a space with other businesses. Indoor signs, like lobby signs or wall graphics are also effective tools to enforce your brand. Menu boards are also a form of indoor signage that we can design and manufacture. If you’ve ever been out to eat, you know how important a well-designed menu is!

Vehicle Wraps & Vehicle Graphics

Partial Truck Wrap

Finally, if you want to reach out to your customer base even further, you should seriously consider getting graphics on your company vehicle. Vehicle graphics, box truck graphics and trailer graphics are always very customized; no two projects are the same! With digitally printed graphics you can have your full color logo printed or you can choose from a variety of colors and finishes in ready-to-cut cut vinyl. Vehicle graphics stand out as one of the best methods for advertising. A full wrap may be pricey, but the return on that investment is one that you cannot pass up!

New Business Signs for Travel Group

Hot Spots Travel Group located in Windsor, CO is a full service agency specializing in honeymoons, destination weddings and vacation travel.  As their name and logo implies, their travel specialty is usually located on some beach with a lot of sun shine!  Oh Yea!  To make a long story short, our family will be spending thanksgiving in Hawaii.

Now, back to business…while I was booking the trip, the owner ordered new signs for their business!  What a great partnership!  The business recently changed their name and logo.  Changing your business name and/or logo can happen for many different reasons, but if you do; you’ll also need to change your marketing materials especially your sign.  It does cost money but it also has advantages:

  • Change is always good
  • Give your business a new, updated look
  • If your sign is old, you need to change it anyway
  • Motivational for the business

The signage that was needed – retractable banner and stand, new window and door vinyl, and replacing the sign face for their illuminated cabinet sign.

Retractable banners are so versatile and handy for a business.  The owners not only take their retractable banner to trade shows or other events to promote their business, but they have it displayed all the time in their office.

The location for this business is in a busy shopping plaza with other different businesses.  Window and door vinyl is essential to get their message out to the public walking through the area or driving in the parking lot.  They weren’t real happy with how their old window and door looked so this was the perfect time to change that along with their new logo and business name.  Everything they want to be known about their business is clearly shown on the window and door.

Since their location is near a busy street but not right on the street, a high wall mounted illuminated cabinet sign has always been used.  These types of signs are really easy to change without replacing the whole sign simply by sliding out the old and sliding in the new sign face.  Look at the difference in the old brown one with new light and bright new one, the results are awesome!  Read more about illuminated cabinet signs that we have done.

Making a change to your business name and logo?  Do it right and get all your business signs changed; it is definitely worth the investment!  Call Connecting Signs 970-493-0133 for help in this process.  Signs – Wraps – Graphics!!

Window Graphics - Signage Company - Connecting Signs


Window graphics and window lettering is a very common project in the sign industry.  If you have a store front business, you probably have window vinyl on your door or window or both. A lot of good information can be stated about your business on your windows; logo and business name, hours of business, phone number and website.  Remember to keep it simple and easy to read.  Keeping it easy to read can be a challenge.  When the inside of the building is illuminated, light-colored graphics tend to disappear.  And, if dark-colored graphics are used, the graphics may be hard to see when the building is dark inside.

Typically, sign painters fix this by outlining window lettering with a contrasting color, insuring that the lettering had its own background.
Now, sign makers will add an outline to lettering or graphics to make sure it is easily read whether the office was lit or dark.

There are definitely businesses with windows or door lettering that you can’t see until you walk right up to it.  This example might be a little hard to read if you are driving past.  The logo looks great, but the business name is pretty hard to see.  

Outline those letters in white and this sign is much more visible.  Use a hefty, bold style to the outline.  Covering a lot of the area of the window or door isn’t a bad idea either.  

Step outside and take a look at your window or door; easy to read or not??  Don’t have window letter or window graphics yet? Let our staff of experts help you with your design to help you get started and noticed.  Window vinyl is very cost-effective and reasonable.  Give Connecting Signs a call or visit our website for a quote today and let your front window and door bring in the business!


Window Graphic - Vehicle Decal - Signage Company - Connecting Signs - Fort Collins

All About Window Graphics!

Picture This:

Have you ever been stopped at a stoplight and saw a vehicle that had a picture in the back window? You were probably asking yourself, “How do they see out the back if there’s a printed picture on their window?”

It’s called window perf, and thankfully you have us to show and tell you all about it.

Perforated What?

Window perf (short for perforation) is a special type of vinyl designed specifically for windows. The vinyl has tiny holes all over it and the adhesive side of it is black. This allows for a one-way view effect. The outside viewer sees the printed window graphics, and the inside viewer has a clear view of the people admiring their window.

window graphics at iron mountain resized 600

You’re probably thinking, “Well, how clear are the printed window graphics? It has holes all over it! That doesn’t make sense!”


It would seem that holes all over a printed window graphics would distort and ruin the print kind of like how a boat with tiny holes all over it would sink to the bottom of the ocean. But, that’s not the way it is (by the way: a boat with tiny holes all over it will sink to the bottom of the ocean).

When viewed from far away the print looks complete. Even viewed from a normal distance (3-5 feet away) the graphic will still look good. However, if you get three inches away from the print, you’ll probably be able to see through one of the tiny holes.

window perf fort collins resized 600

Make an Statement!

Since window perf is specifically made for windows, it can really make an impactful statement. It looks great on storefront windows, office windows, vehicle windows, skyscraper windows, etc.

That vehicle your “stuck” behind, and left staring at their advertisement is exactly what they wanted! Think about it, …in the yellow pages (do people still use them?) their ad is right next to all their competitors, but out in traffic they have a captive audience at every stoplight!

Laminate it?

On vehicle windows, window perf gets a little tricky. You have a choice of getting the graphics laminated or not. If you do laminate your graphic on the back window of your vehicle, you should be aware that the view to the outside might be a little blurry. There is “optically clear” laminate, but it will still not be crystal clear. Laminated window perf should last longer than un-laminated perf, however I’ve heard arguments the other way saying that the laminate over the tiny holes will dry out and be a point of failure.

window perf fort collins for Markley Motors

If you choose to not laminate the graphics, you will have a clear view to the outside. However, your print graphics won’t have the laminate layer to protect against scratches. Also, when it rains it’s more difficult to see out of due to the water drops sitting in the holes. …Not a huge problem here in Colorado since things dry out so fast.

There’s also the option of applying a liquid spray laminate which will protect the graphics, although not as well as an actual film laminate, and still provide a clear vison.

Wrapping it up…

As you can see, window perf isn’t perfect (what is!), but all forms of vehicle graphics are awesome forms of advertising. And window graphics on the inside and outside of buildings really make an impressive statement to draw the customer in to “take a closer look”.

It’s important that you talk with your sign company and make sure they fully explain all the ins and outs of window graphics. In the case of vehicle graphics on windows, they better not mind taking the time to educate you on things like whether to laminate or not, and then let YOU make the final decision!