The First Signs to Replace when Rebranding

Sep 18, 2023 | Uncategorized

The Signs to Replace when Rebranding

Rebranding can be a fun and exciting time for a business – whether it is to makeover their look, or take on a new business identity – it requires research, analysis, and a process of creating your identity as an organization. Nestled within those efforts is a need for new signage that reflects the organizations’ new logo and identity. In this blog post, we will discuss what types of signage are most important to purchase first, versus which signs are a little lower on the priority list, and can be re-used until later.

High Priority Signs to Replace when Rebranding: Exterior Signs

Imagine you want to tryout a new restaurant you found online. You type the address into your phone, but when you arrive, it is in a building that has a sign for an entirely different restaurant. Would you go inside and ask around about the restaurant you wanted to try? Or would you simply use your phone to find someplace else to eat? Regardless of what you personally would do, many people would do the latter because customers want their business experience to be convenient. This is why exterior signs are the most important sign to replace when a business rebrands.

Getting an exterior sign that is updated to the new and improved image is important- especially if the rebranding involved changing the business name or logo. Exterior signs, such as monument signs, channel letters, or dimensional letters & logos exist to make it easy for customers to find your business by labeling where you are.

One of the fun decisions about rebranding is what type of exterior sign you might want to use!

How do you know which exterior sign is best for your business? 

To determine this, you will want to think about how easy it is to find your business.  Will your clients only be visiting between 9-5, or is your business outside of typical daylight hours? Is your business easy to see for those driving by, or is it hidden by foliage and other buildings?

If your business is only operating during typical daylight hours, then dimensional letters & logos are a good direction to consider. These signs are installed directly onto the building of your business where they can be seen by all passersby.

However, if your business operates outside of typical daylight hours, which is common for restaurants and retail stores, you will need to consider signage that can be seen in the dark. For this, we recommend Channel Letters, which can be illuminated to not only be visible in the dark, but also illuminated to stand out!

If your business isn’t easy to see while driving by, you may want to consider getting a monument sign in addition to Channel Letters or Dimensional Letters and Logos. Monument signs are large, ground level signs that are installed on your property, but closer to the road or parking lot than your building to show visitors the location of your company and share your branding. Monument signs often have a light up feature, or a digital section installed. Monument signs have a lot of options and versatility, but that is a discussion for another blog post.

We also offer quite a few other exterior signs that are not covered in this post. If you would like more information, please give us a call.


Medium Priority Signs to Replace when Rebranding: Interior, aesthetic signs and marketing signs

Let’s say you walk into a business, and you see wall graphic that artistically and tastefully displays the logo and branding of an entirely irrelevant business. What thoughts would you have? At best, it is random, but interesting and easy to ignore. At worst, it is odd, confusing, and maybe a little bit tacky. Wall and floor graphics often serve to create a consistent look and feel throughout the building. Because of this, it is best to replace it as soon as you can, but it likely will not cause you to lose business if it takes a few months to replace.

After all, since the sign is inside, we can safely assume your clients have found your business before being exposed to the branding of the previous business that used the space.

Once your new brand is set, it is important to replace any marketing imagery to create brand awareness of your new business. If your fleet wrap reflects your old business, than it will not bring in clients for your new business.

Low Priority Signs to Replace when Rebranding: Any signs that can be re-used for the time being.

The signs that fall into this category can vary depending on your business, the space it is in, and how that space is used.

For example, if your business is staying in the same building after a rebranding, but the department and bathroom locations stay the same, then they can probably re-use the same interior way finding signs.

Likewise, if your business has ADA signs that are still effective, then they can likely be re-used for the time being.

However, it is still a good idea to replace these signs eventually. Signage is a powerful way to share a new identity throughout the company, and consistency is key to really enforcing that new look, feel, and energy. If your company has invested its time, money, and energy into a re-branding process, it is best to see it through to the end.

Rebranding can be an exhaustive process, but at Connecting Signs, we make the signage simple! If you are located in the greater Northern Colorado area, such as Fort Collins, Loveland, Tinmath, Greeley, or even a bit further, we would love to be your local signage partner. If you have a project in mind, we would be happy to either take your call, or receive your information online.

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