Types of Temporary Signage to Inform and Direct

Apr 9, 2020 | Banners, Safety Signs, temporary signs, Wayfinding Signs

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In emergency situations, it can be difficult to communicate important information to the public or to your general audience. While you would hope that people would make the most logical decisions, sometimes people are confused and overwhelmed which will lead to lots of frustrations. In times of uncertainty, it can be vitally important to use effective communication techniques such as the use of temporary signage to inform and direct. This shortlist goes over the best types of temporary signage for emergencies and how to use them!

outdoor flags - Signage Company - Connecting SignsOutdoor Flags and Tents

If you need your message to stand out and get attention, then consider a fully-printed, custom outdoor flag. Outdoor tents are also a great type of outdoor sign that can be used to direct traffic and identify important locations like drive-up testing screening centers for medical facilities. Outdoor tents are also customizable to help designate different areas. Outdoor flags and tents come with all the required hardware to put up and take down the signage with ease.

Sidewalk Signs – A-Frames & Sandwich Boards

People walking by your facility will need to know what areas of the building are accessible, where pickup areas are located, and what your hours of operation are. Sidewalk signs come in many different styles with a variety of frames – like A-frames – and the price varies so it’s important to research what will work best for your needs. With changeable and fully customizable graphics, you can change your message, if needed, in real-time to keep your audience informed with up-to-date information.

Temporary Floor Graphics

Grocery stores, convenience stores, and other retail outlets can benefit greatly from the use of temporary floor graphics. These are adhesive vinyl decals that can be used indoors and outdoors. Floor graphics stand out because of their unique placement and can be used to guide and direct foot traffic. Floor graphics can adhere to most floor surfaces such as concrete, tile, ceramic, carpet and wood flooring.

Temporary Banners

Vinyl banners are useful for when you need a large sign quickly and at the lowest cost possible. Banners can come in scrim vinyl, fabric, mesh, or canvas. Scrim vinyl banners are the least expensive and easiest to produce quickly. Fabric and mesh banners work well for fence banners which will need adequate allowance for airflow to ensure longevity. Banners can be made at virtually any size and with a variety of installation methods. It’s important to consider your needs before placing your order so that you will get the most out of your temporary banners.

Interior Posters

Even in interior spaces, people will need to know where they are needed in the quickest way possible. Interior posters are one of the best temporary solutions to quickly inform and direct your customers or patients. A challenge with ensuring success with your posters is to make good design choices to help the message stand out clearly. 

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