Vehicle graphics – why they work!

Feb 1, 2015 | Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

You’re cruising around Fort Collins and see car graphics or truck graphics with an advertisement and it looks like its been painted or airbrushed – most likely it’s been wrapped. While vehicle wraps are less expensive than either painting or airbrushing, it looks fantastic with its full digitally printed color! So whether you are looking for a jump start ad campaign or raise your brand awareness for your business, check out my 6 top reasons for getting a vehicle wrap:

Cost effective – In the advertising world they use the term CPM to measure the ad cost per thousand impressions, or views. And with a good quality vehicle wrap lasting 5 years and more, the CPM is significanlty lower than TV and radio spots. With that single wrap your brand carries  on for as long as you want it to.

Mobility – You take your ad right to the customer and not wait for them to look you up in the yellow pages , where your ad is right next to all your competitors. You dont have to hope they hear your ad on the radio at just the right time. Your ad is out on the road and highway, and on the minds of your customers.

Impact – You work with a graphic designer to come up with the perfect message for your brand. There are no restrictions or codes that are going to govern your wrap design, as there would be on a sign or billboard. Even partial vehicle wraps, when design to work with the cars existing paint color can make a huge impact!

Lasting Impressions – Vehicle wraps create lasting impressions and brand awareness. They are both unique and memorable. When your truck wrap or car wrap is driving down the road, or parked in a neighborhood, it gets noticed. Large graphical vehicle advertising is said to generate between 30,000 to 70,000 impressions in a day. Now isn’t that impressive!

Ability to modify an existing wrap – Many view a vehicle wrap as being permanent, however changes and updates are simple and painless.

Vehicle protection – Good quality vehicle wrapvinyl can act as a protective layer and help guard against rock chips and dings from everyday use.



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