What are table throws?

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Today’s post is the first post in a series about the different types of signage and display products used at trade shows. If you want to see all posts about trade shows, and trade show equipment, click here! Today, we will discuss the significance of table throws at trade shows. You might be asking yourself, what are table throws?

Table throws are a type of table cloth that are designed to represent a specific company’s branding in an eye-catching way that draws in visitors, and are designed to be used on long, standard sized tables that are often used at trade shows. Table throws are a powerful way to make your display pop with color, and attract trade-show attendees.

Table throws are sometimes confused for table skirts. A table throw will cover both the top of the table, and the front of the table, whereas a skirt will simply wrap around the edge of the table and cover the front.

What are the different kinds of table throws?

Table throws can vary a little bit, and part of this is simply due to the fact that trade show tables can vary in size. Naturally, it is best to select a table throw that matches the size of the table that you are bringing to the trade show.

Typically, tradeshow displays contain booths with tables that are usually long tables that fit within the standard display space. Display spaces are usually between 12 and 16 square feet, and the tables are usually 6ft by 2ft, or 8ft by 2ft, the latter being the more popular of the two options.

Regardless of size, table throws can also a differ a bit in terms of style!

Fitted table throws:

Fitted table throws are one of the most simple versions of a table throw. Fitted table throws cover the top of the table, and all four sides of the table, from the edge of the table all the way to the floor. Fitted table throws are comparable to a standard table cloth, expect it is branded and hides all of the space under the table so it cannot be seen by people walking by.

Open back table throws:

As one might expect, open back table throws are similar to a standard, fitted table throw, except it does not cover one of the long sides of the table and leaves it open. This is a great option for any trade show vendor who has extra pamphlets or products, and struggles with space. Placing your extra products underneath the table makes them conveniently accessible when you need them, but it also hides cardboard boxes from attendees, creating a professional, efficient display.

Table throws with back slits:

Table throws with back slits are the ideal option for anyone who cannot decide between a fitted table throw, and an open back table throw, because it is truly the best of both worlds. Just like a fitted table throw, all four sides of the table remain covered, but the long side that faces away from potential clients has 1 or 2 slits. Table throws with back slits allows vendors to provide those extra products and keep their display clean and professional.

Stretch table throws:

Stretch table throws are usually made of a stretchy material, such as an elastic polyester, and stretch around the feet of the table, and wraps over the top of it. Stretch table throws often do not come with the option to have an open, accessible back, but are often a little more cost effective. Stretch table throws are a great option for any vendor who is looking to save a little extra money, and doesn’t need to utilize the space underneath the table.

What are the pros and cons of using a table throw?

Simply put, table throws requires maintenance, which causes some people to consider them a chore, but they also add a lot to a tradeshow display. Here are a few things to consider before committing to a table throw:

Pros of using a table throw and a trade show:

  • Brand recognition

  • Signage is convenient to transport

  • Draws attention to your display space more effectively than a blank tablecloth

  • Creates a professional appearance

  • Can be reused many times

  • Table throws are typically customizable


Cons of Using a Table Throw:

  • Signage cannot be seen when visitors are at your booth

  • May need to be washed if it gets dirty

    • Some materials may need to be handwashed, but many are fine to wash in a machine on a gentle cycle

    • If you change table sizes, you may need to have a new table throw made so it fits appropriately

In our opinion, the increasing your brand’s awareness and recognition easily outweighs the nuances of maintaining a table throw. Are you ready to start discussing table throw designs? We’re ready to help you. Give Connecting Signs a call at (970) 493-0133 for assistance today.

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