Feb 13, 2015 | Branding, Graphic Design, Window Graphics

Window graphics and window lettering is a very common project in the sign industry.  If you have a store front business, you probably have window vinyl on your door or window or both. A lot of good information can be stated about your business on your windows; logo and business name, hours of business, phone number and website.  Remember to keep it simple and easy to read.  Keeping it easy to read can be a challenge.  When the inside of the building is illuminated, light-colored graphics tend to disappear.  And, if dark-colored graphics are used, the graphics may be hard to see when the building is dark inside.

Typically, sign painters fix this by outlining window lettering with a contrasting color, insuring that the lettering had its own background.
Now, sign makers will add an outline to lettering or graphics to make sure it is easily read whether the office was lit or dark.

There are definitely businesses with windows or door lettering that you can’t see until you walk right up to it.  This example might be a little hard to read if you are driving past.  The logo looks great, but the business name is pretty hard to see.  

Outline those letters in white and this sign is much more visible.  Use a hefty, bold style to the outline.  Covering a lot of the area of the window or door isn’t a bad idea either.  

Step outside and take a look at your window or door; easy to read or not??  Don’t have window letter or window graphics yet? Let our staff of experts help you with your design to help you get started and noticed.  Window vinyl is very cost-effective and reasonable.  Give Connecting Signs a call or visit our website for a quote today and let your front window and door bring in the business!


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