Does Your Organization Need a Custom Podium?

May 1, 2023 | Trade Show Displays, Trade Show Series, Trade Show Signs

This post is a continuation of our series about trade show display signage. If you’d like to see our other posts on this topic, click here!

Today, we will discuss a more unique sign option – custom podiums! A custom podium is a rectangular stand that is often used as a place for a speaker to stand, which has been customized to represent the branding of a specific company. So, does your organization need a custom podium?


The Benefits of a Custom Podium

A beautifully designed custom podium is a great way to bring attention to your brand, even when your brand might not be the focal point. If you volunteer to lend your podium for any speaking event, you’re putting your brand out there to be noticed by anyone and everyone! While custom podiums are typical for tradeshows, they can also be re-used for any speaking event.

A custom podium will make it easy for any spectators to find the speaker that they are listening to. It will also provide the speaker with a convenient place to rest any reference materials that they are using during their speech.

Custom podiums are also great because they can be customized to suit your needs! Custom podiums can be designed using a large variety of materials, different sizes, and different weights. Many custom podiums are made of multiple materials, such as a mixture of acrylic, glass, and wood. Custom podiums can also have an LED light display on the audience-facing side, creating an opportunity to highlight your branding. From traditional, to modern, to unique, the custom podium design options are limitless.  

When you upgrade from a plain, boring podium to a custom podium, you are creating an opportunity to present your business in an elegant, professional manner that makes your business look great.


Times and Places to Use a Custom Podium

1. Religious events

Churches tend to be one of the most common custom podium customers! If your church has a specific logo, it might be a good idea to put it on a custom podium. This creates a clean, consistent look with any additional branding that is unique to your faith.

2. Trade shows 

Many trade shows include a portion where a keynote speaker delivers a speech about the industry and doing business. If you’re the speaker, why not promote your business with a beautiful custom podium? Depending on the organization, you may be able to use your beautiful custom podium with a donation.

3. Press conferences 

Should your business ever make news, and participate in a press conference, a custom podium will help your team look professional and polished while showing off your logo.

4. Government events

Many government agencies invest in a custom podium that display’s their departments emblem. This is exceptionally popular for police departments, fire authorities, and other departments that regularly have fundraising events use custom podiums to look clean, polished, and professional.

A custom podium is a unique investment that might not be the ideal choice for every organization, but we also believe that few organizations regret purchasing one. It is a great choice for organizations who are willing to invest a little extra to create a unique, professional appearance that will last them decades. So, does your organization need a custom podium? If yes, or if you want to discuss it with us further, give us a call at (970)-493-0133.

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