Plaques and Durable Signs

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A plaque is a sign that memorializes a person or event. Plaque comes from the French word for “plate,” meaning not a dinner plate, but a little brass or tin plate that can be mounted on a wall. Plaques will add style and function to your business – inside and outside.

  • Cast and Machine Tooled Plaques – Permanent and attractive bronze or aluminum, logos, emblems which are perfect for professional offices, universities, or historical markers and memorials.
  • Cast Bronze Memorial Plaques – Design options on size, shape, typestyles, borders, colors allow you to use personalization when you are remembering someone special.
  • Etched and Engraved Plaques – Ability to transfer the most complex artwork to a brass, bronze, copper, or stainless-steel surface. Options are etched alloys, laser engraved anodized aluminum, and polished black granite.
  • ADA and Wayfinding Plaques – Made to meet ADA regulations providing universal tactile symbols, pictograms, and lettering.

Materials and Benefits

  • Bronze, aluminum, bronze, brass, and stainless-steel
  • Many finish and background options
  • Design in different shapes
  • Lead and mercury free alloys
  • Mounting Options (including stake and post)
  • Permanent and very long-lasting construction
  • Lifetime guarantee

Bronze plaque with acrylic sign

Durable Outside Signs

Another option to a plaque sign is graphic panels which are used outside and made to withstand weather deterioration, fading, and are graffiti proof. Uses are trail signs in hiking and mountain areas, memorial pedestals, state parks or beach information and much more where the signs will look great for a long time.


  • CHPL – Custom High Pressure Laminate creates an image with heat and pressure that will never crack or peel and resistant to UV rays and graffiti.
  • ACG™ – Aluminum Composite Graphic™ uses aluminum with a polyethylene core which is strong and light weight allowing a thicker panel.
  • AG – Acrylic Graphic panels are made from a cast polymer which is very durable. Offering many printing options.
  • HARDWARE – Pedestals, supports, and brackets available. 


  • Ten-year guarantee
  • Panel and thickness options
  • Double sided
  • Any shape
  • 12 color HD printing

Pedestal sign with weather resistant panel

These high-quality, durable, beautiful signs are great options for important, memorable events or adding information in a stylish way! Give us a call 970-493-0133 or start a quote on our website to get the process started. We can answer all your questions and design a plaque that is unique and special to you.

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