How to get a high R.O.I. on your business signs

Running a business is a tough but rewarding job. The decisions you make today could have a big impact on your business far down the road. Choosing the signs for your business is one of those decisions that has a lasting impact on the performance of your company. It’s a big investment to have a large illuminated sign installed on your building but it doesn’t have to be perceived as a burden. A large illuminated building sign will work for your business day and night. A small A-fame sidewalk sign informs the public of your daily specials and attracts new customers who might have not known about your business. Window graphics can inform new and old customers of your hours of operation. Indoor directional signs are vitally important to people trying to navigate their way through and unfamiliar space. Vehicle wraps provide many benefits including mobile advertising. Here’s some tips on how to get the best return on your investment on your business signs.

  1. Location, location, location – Be aware of how people find you and think of your signage from their perspective. View your building from far away and think about how large the letters need to be and where they should be located to achieve maximum visibility. Once you have a place picked out for your sign, observe it from all angles to see if there’s any existing structures that could impede visibility. If you’re moving into a property with a newly installed landscape, be aware of how large the mature landscape will look. Will anything get in the way of your sign in the future?

    Exterior Building Letters Exterior dimensional letters

  2. Take care of your business signs – Just like any existing structure, permanent signage — like channel letters or cabinet box signs – must be durable to withstand the test of time. Years of weather takes its toll on buildings, so it’s important to check on the sign for any broken pieces or non-functioning components. Partner with a trusted sign company to help you asses any necessary repairs.

    TruckTrailerWrap Truck and Trailer wrap

  3. Make good choices – When it comes to permanent signage, there’s not much you can do to enhance it’s use other than following the two previous tips. However, with vehicle wraps or vehicle graphics there’s a lot of great ways to extend your “reach”. A great success story comes from one of our customers who was a new business in town, so they were looking to get some new customers. They specialized in junk removal and moving services, so one weekend they decided to park their newly wrapped truck in front of the local recycling center. That was the right choice because not too long later their phones started ringing off the hook! Vehicle wraps are one of the most versatile types of modern advertising because they’re movable and most cities don’t have permitting restrictions on them.


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