business sign from Connecting Sigsn in Fort Collins, Colorado Exterior Building Sign

A business sign is a very important part of your company’s brand. A quality business sign will not only allow your customers to find you, it’s also the image customers picture in their minds when they think about your business. There’s lots of ways to make your business’s sign stand out and the sign company you work with should be the guiding experts on what will work and what might not work.  However, once you have your sign done and installed on the building, it’s easy to forget about it! As time goes by, your business will grow and change. Maybe down the road, you decide to re-brand your business. That could mean a new logo, website, business cards, etc. Ensuring that your re-vamped brand is represented professionally and correctly through your new business sign is very important!

BacklitCabinetSigns Outdoor Sign – Illuminated cabinet sign

A successful business sign starts out as an idea through the process of design and planning. This vital stage is where you will work with a graphic designer to understand how your new sign will look as well as function. Will your updated sign need to illuminate for optimal visibility at night? Does your local government have a specific sign code? Will your new business sign be made with metal, aluminum, or wood? The answer to all these questions depends on what will work for your business. Behind every sign there is a business comprised of unique individuals who all have different opinions. It can be challenging to finalize the sign drawings if there’s a lot of back-and-forth with the plans. Remember, signs have one job: to represent your business. So, keep it simple!

MonumentSignLettersInstallation Monument Sign with metal letters

Once your new sign is up, don’t just forget about it! Keep your sign clean and free of obstructions (like trees and foliage) and make sure to schedule maintenance if it’s needed. It’s okay to be proud of your new brand, too! Take nice photos of your new sign and post pictures on social media and your website. Make sure that your current customers know that your business has a new “face”. These are all great opportunities to bring attention and new leads to grow your business!


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