Enhance a Shared Office With Environmental Graphics

Feb 19, 2020 | Environmental Graphics

Shared office spaces are becoming more and more popular among workers who freelance, work from home, or work remotely. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery to freshen up your work environment. Shared office spaces bring different people together who have different needs. Some people just need a comfortable and quiet corner to work by themselves and others might need access to a conference room to collaborate. Therefore, a shared office needs to have environmental graphics that are comfortable, inviting, and not too distracting. The following is a brief explanation of popular environmental design trends for shared office spaces.

magnetic glass whiteboard custom printed magnetic glass whiteboard

Magnetic Glass Boards

The latest and greatest trend in environmental graphics for shared offices are magnetic glass boards. In most collaborative group settings, people like to sketch out ideas on a dry-erase board. It’s a quick, easy, and productive way brainstorm so it’s no wonder most conference rooms feature dry-erase whiteboards. Magnetic glass boards kick up the functionality of traditional whiteboards to a whole new level. With flatbed printing capabilities, you can now feature a subtle image or your logo for a custom look that showcases your brand and is an attractive, functional feature of the interior office. The magnetic capabilities also come in handy if you need to work around a physical paper print. High-quality magnetic glass boards are made from tempered glass to ensure longevity and durability.

dining room wall mural custom printed wall mural

Digitally Printed Wall Murals

There’s nothing that kills creativity and productivity like staring at a blank, bare wall. However, it would also be bad if there’s too much clutter on the interior walls! Painted walls can only go so far, and if you want to feature complex images you will need a digitally printed wall mural. While it might be tempting to go crazy with the design, it’s best to keep it simple. A great way to get design ideas flowing is to look around online for wall mural examples. If you see a design you like while you’re out and about, take a photo and bring it to your graphic designer.

glass window graphics custom glass window graphics

Customized Glass Graphics

Shared office spaces are a relatively new trend so that means modern, minimal, and trendy interior design. Glass conference rooms are one of these new trends that are featured in most shared office spaces. However, that can feel like you’re a fish in a glass fishbowl! An interesting idea to remedy this problem is customized glass graphics. Frosted vinyl treatments are a cost-effective option to achieve a little privacy, but there are many different options out there. A more expensive option is to print directly onto clear vinyl. The result is a stunning effect that will really blow people away!

Get Started Today

A great way to get the creative and planning process started for enhancing a shared office space is to contact Connecting Signs, a nationwide, full-service sign company based in Fort Collins, Colorado. We love working with local businesses, big and small, as well as general contractors. Click here to request a free consultation and estimate on environmental graphics of all kinds. From custom magnetic glass boards to digitally printed wall murals, we do it all!

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