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Jul 8, 2016 | Exterior Signs


This is such a great example of an outdoor sign that was needing a lot of correcting I had to write about it!  We want to thank our customer for giving us the opportunity to work with them to provide a new sign that definitely improved the old sign.

Canine Companion Consulting (CCC) is a business that specializes in positive dog training offering many services to fit your needs for a well-trained canine.  They recently had their grand opening event at their new location in Fort Collins, CO.   Before CCC moved in, the building was home to two businesses.  Take a look at the road sign used to advertise their businesses:


What’s wrong with this outdoor sign?

  • Too much to read
  • Is it one business or two?
  • The business names are way too small
  • One of the businesses is not there anymore

Canine Companion Consulting and another business needed to be added to this sign and one business needed to be removed.  Connecting Signs jumped at the chance to fix this sign helping out all three businesses to be seen and found!


Changes and improvements made to the sign:

  • Removed the black line separating the companies and made three separate signs. This looks better but also makes it easier to remove or change a sign if a business moves or closes.
  • All three companies have a different background color – more separation
  • Company name is large and legible along with their logo
  • Less information to read


Our customer loves their new sign and they truly understand how a sign needs to look to be the best!  Need some help with a sign that isn’t quite doing the job or isn’t up-to-date?  Call us 970-493-0133 for a free consultation to get your business signage working correctly!  We guarantee 100% satisfaction!

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