Partial Vehicle Wraps and Graphics can work!

Feb 11, 2015 | Fleet Vehicle Graphics, Graphic Design, Graphic Wraps, Partial vehicle wraps, Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

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For the money, a full vehicle wrap in Northern Colorado is simply the best marketing money you can spend! That said, a great designed partial wrap can get close to the same impact at a lower cost. Studies show that vehicle graphics need to be a part of your marketing campaign and with today’s premium vinyl wrapping vinyl and large format printing, it’s so very easy to do!

So, back to partial wraps!…. Our design team will be able to blend in a wrap design with your vehicle’s original paint. A typical option is to wrap the back half of the vehicle while leaving the original paint in the front – the transition from paint to wrap is key in the design. An effective partial wrap can have the appearance of a full wrap, especially if your vehicle’s paint matches one of your corporate’s colors. Keep that in mind whenever you‘re buying company vehicles – A neutral color such as white or black will leave many options for doing a partial wrap, but it might ultimately end up being a little boring. If you have a more exciting color such as blue in your corporate identity, consider getting a vehicle with that color. It will lead to a partial wrap design that makes a larger impact. Another cost-effective method is for our design team to design custom printed and cut graphics all over the vehicle to give that full-wrapped look.  This method is particularly useful in fleet graphics, where the cost needs to be spread over a larger quantity of vehicles.

One downside to a partial wrap has to do with the resale of the vehicle and the UV rays hitting the bare paint vs the covered areas of the partial wrap.  Most times this is not a concern, but something to think about nonetheless.

As in a full vehicle wrap, a partial vehicle wrap from Connecting Signs is completely able to be customized and printed on an adhesive-backed vinyl that’s sealed and protected with an UV laminate film for long wear and bright colors.

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