School Flag Fort Collins

Jun 23, 2017 | Digital Printing, Graphic Design, School Flag

Schools will usually have a mascot that represents the school in the community and at events.  The mascot is displayed in lots of different ways – murals, banners, and a school flag.

When the students at Harris Bilingual Immersion School in Fort Collins, CO decided on a school flag to show their pride, they designed it themselves!  Using their school colors, mascot, and circle of excellent wording.

The wording is in English and Spanish because the school follows a dual language two-way immersion program. The students’ first language is either Spanish or English and they learn the district curriculum in both languages.

The double-sided nylon flag is 48 inches by 72 inches.  Our graphic designer worked very closely with the school staff getting the student’s design ready for printing.

An all school assembly was held to present the flag and celebrate their achievement!

We all know how important reviews and testimonials are.  The staff at the school gave us a wonderful testimonial in person!  They made our day much brighter!

Connecting Signs has done many projects for schools:  Interior signs for new schools, banners, wall vinyl with motivational script and mascots, and donor wall.  Read more about the projects on our website.  The Harris Bilingual flag was a great addition to the list!!  Give us a call if you need school signs for any occasion or project –  970-493-0133.

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