Signage Solutions for Every Business

Nov 22, 2022 | Exterior Signs, Interior Signs, Large Format Printing

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Here are Signage Solutions for 5 unique businesses and how they can be used in many situations. Some of these signs may surprise you with the many ways that they can be used, so get ready to be inspired! As always, if the type of sign stands out to you in the following list, be sure to Contact Connecting Signs for an accurate quote.

Fleet Truck Wraps for Landscapers

service truck fleet graphics

If you’re a commercial or residential landscaper, you work outdoors in all types of weather and travel to various locations. On the road, there’s no telling who you’ll pass by – maybe many potential clients! For that reason, consider wrapping your fleet of work trucks. Cohesive wrap graphics on your fleet of work trucks unites your brand and gets your message out to the public at the same time.

Illuminated Channel Letters for Restaurant

lighted logo building sign

In the food and dining industry, competition is fierce. Sometimes what it comes down to is good and visible exterior signage. An exterior sign with big letters or logos works great when the sun is out and the skies are clear, but what about when visibility is not great? Illuminated channel letters are a type of signage that houses internal illumination to shine and attract new customers into the evening!

Canopy Tents & Flags for Sporting Clubs

Outdoor Event Tent - Signage Company - Connecting Signs

When you want your team to stand out or when competitors need clear direction, you need excellent signage. Canopy tents are perfect for athletic clubs or school teams because they can be branded in your team colors and logo and they provide shelter from the elements. Feather flags are attractive and eye-catching signs that can also be branded with your team’s graphics to boost your presence.

Mesh Fence Banners for Construction Companies

Mesh Banner Fence Wrap - Connecting Signs

Work sites and construction areas are places where clear signage for safety and awareness needs to be displayed. Construction Companies may also want their company logo featured on the perimeter signage to increase their brand awareness. The perfect type of signage solution for this issue is mesh fence banners, which fall under the category of large-format banners.

Directional Signage for Universities

directional trail sign

Navigating a campus as a new student can be a flustering experience. Universities such as the one here in our backyard, Colorado State University, has thousands of students and visitors using the facilities all at once. Accurate and visible directional signage can help clear up so much confusion and congestion in heavily trafficked areas.

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