Updating or Moving Your Office? Don’t Forget the Signs.

Apr 5, 2021 | Banners, Building SIgns, Business Signs, Channel Letters, Environmental Graphics, Interior Signs, Lobby Signs

Updating or Moving Your Office? Don’t Forget the Signs.

Making a change is always a good thing, even though it’s not easy to make a big change – like moving or updating your office. There’s a ton of things that need to get done as well as making sure that your business is still running smoothly! Signage, however, tends to be one of the last things you think of during this process. Your new office’s signs don’t need to be the first thing to go up, but it’s important to try to plan on what types of signs and where they should be installed in the early stages of construction. Corporate branding trends and “best practices” are changing fast in these times, so having the least amount of downtime between when your signage is moved from the old to a new location can really impress your audience. Here’s a list of the types of signs you may be looking for along with all the information you will need to get them fabricated and installed.

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Exterior Monument Sign or Channel Letters Will Take the Longest

Any permanent exterior sign will require some time to prepare for. Usually, you will need to work with local governments to obtain permits to comply with sign ordinances. Depending on many other factors, this part of the process can take about one to two weeks to complete. Next up is the process of manufacturing the monument sign or channel letters. This also takes up a lot of time (anywhere from one to three weeks) and may require the expertise of electricians to prepare the structure for wiring if the signs are illuminated.

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Interior Reception Area and Lobby Signs Take Some Time

The long-lasting interior signs like the lobby or reception area signs may need to be remanufactured if they need to take up more space or become damaged in the move. Otherwise, a trustworthy sign company can help you move your signs safely from the old location to the new one. If the signs are illuminated, you will definitely want to ensure that the components are removed correctly. The time needed to move your permanent interior signs may depend on many factors, but generally, it should take around one to two weeks.

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Utilize Banners and Other Temporary Signs to Fill the Time Gaps

Banners, posters, tabletop signs, and coroplast signs are all great temporary sign solutions for filling in the time gaps for when you’re updating the office. Banners are quick, easy, and not very expensive to produce and they’re very versatile. Tabletop signs and posters are also easy to display and move around if needed. For temporary exterior signs, you can’t really go wrong with coroplast signs which come in a standard size (18” x 24”), simple H-stakes for displaying them in the ground, and are very simple to produce for a quick turnaround.

Connecting Signs is Here for Your Business

Moving your office, renovating your storefronts, or updating your lobby area is no simple task. It’s no wonder why moving the signs may be the very last thing you’re thinking of. Give Connecting Signs a call to get the ball rolling so you can focus on more important tasks!

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