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Feb 11, 2015 | Boat graphics and wraps, Graphic Design, Graphic Wraps

Boat wraps, boat graphics, and watercraft wraps are a great way to update the look of your boat and make a big splash out on the open water! We recently did a boat wrap here in Fort Collins that we wanted to share some details about. First and foremost was that the customer was pleased! We here at CS Wraps / Connecting Signs pride ourselves in taking care of our customers and making sure the statement their watercraft makes out on the lake, is the one that they helped put together and are happy with.


Here’s what the owners of this red ski boat had to say about the process, and the final product:

“YOU’RE THE BEST! John and I heard about your company from a custom airbrush painter in town…wishing we could afford to airbrush our red boat. We took it over to Connecting Signs and Lindsay took pictures, had great talks w/ Bruce and started our vision of flames on our “RED BOAT”… Lindsay was up for the task and did she ever come through, the shadowing and flames from light to black coming around the back of the boat is “AWESOME” to say the least. It is like having a NEW boat.  The looks we get driving down the road are pretty crazy but out on the water is even better…. I think it really gets people thinking about what they could do to personalize their own watercrafts. At a fraction of the cost and when you want to change it up in a few years No Problem….you can take it off and do another one.
Thank you sooo much!”

We can take care of your boat graphics from design, installation, and a test drive… (only if you insist!). The process is basically the same for watercrafts, that we do nearly every day on vehicles – we start with a walk-thru with you and your boat, getting an idea on what you have in mind. We’ll point out any areas that shouldn’t be wrapped – like the hull, or possibly high traffic spots like diving platforms. After taking several photographs, which we’ll use for proofing the design, we’ll have you sit down with a graphic designer to put your ideas onto the boat using the latest in graphic design tools.

After the design is complete – the printing, lamination, and install process only takes 2-4 working days to make the transformation complete. We also take great care to seal the edges of the vinyl that might be susceptible to lifting, and help make your wrap last a long time.

Let CS Wraps / Connecting Signs help give your watercraft a new look. Don’t go looking for a new boat – just wrap it!  The pictures below show before, during and after the wrapping:

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